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First, as a source of profitable investment opportunities for the development of real estate projects, whether residential, office, recreational, etc. Of course, the concrete possibility of capturing it by reducing the risks associated with this type of business will depend on the correct identification and presentation of the company and its evaluation, based on reliable studies and projections. The knowledge of the substantive aspects of the projects and an adequate forecast and programming as well as the execution are necessary to optimize the yields of the investments.Secondly, and bearing in mind that among the main components of the fixed costs of the companies are the building infrastructure, the organization of the spaces, the administration of the buildings and the movable assets and facilities, the maintenance programs and the opportune answers, it is also identified as an opportunity to produce significant reductions in those costs.In third place, for companies dedicated to Real Estate, it is also fundamental the adequate treatment of all the necessary components for the operation of the business.For this, Deloitte has a world-class service offering based on its broad and broad experience in the subject, developed in multiple projects and countries, which includes:i) human resources with training and experience in the industry,ii) the possibility of carrying out multidisciplinary approaches, based on the provision and diversity of services and HR they have;iii) the use of analysis and evaluation methodologies specially developed by the company and tested worldwideiv) the incorporation into their proposals of the best practices taken from their presence in countless countries, adapted naturally to the context and needs of local particularities.Our main Real Estate services Conceptualization of projects, masterplanMarket studiesPre-feasibility analysisEconomic and financial analysisModeling of cash flows Profitability indicatorsSensitivity studiesOrigin and application of fundsStructuring and obtaining financingInvestor search and structuring the investment, road showsAdministration of goodsReal estate portfolio analysis, asset evaluation, inventory, and asset status, upsizing and downsizing.Organization and re-engineering of processes: preventive and corrective building maintenance, removals and transfers, rentals, inventory and stock, patrimonial, documentation management (contracts, regulations, procedures), technological retirement, vehicle fleet, job security, surveillance.Our Real Estate ServiceOur network of professionals has a vast experience in the area, offering the best solutions to successfully face the challenges and opportunities that arise in services to construction companies, investment funds, long-term investors, real estate holders and developers. Our primary objective is to provide our full range of services to the Real Estate industry from the in-depth knowledge of it, which helps our customers to differentiate themselves from their competitors.