First up with a set of clear

First of all, the
labour party will need to work with all health care and technology providers, to foster interaction and bring together these two key factors in the healthcare digitalisation equation. By doing so,
we can ensure all trusts across the UK have access to integrated systems despite their tight or large
budget, and help them to meet the goal of a paperless NHS.


Another critical step to take is to come up with a set of clear technical standards that all healthcare providers will need to comply with, during and after the digitalisation process. These standards should include, for example, specific requirements in terms of methods to certify all patients’ records can be opened and read by doctors and specialists –as consented by the patient–, even when different clinics and hospitals have different computer systems. This will avoid confusion and unnecessary delays while also contributes to the achievement of the main goals of this whole process: to reduce medical errors in the future, once the digitalisation process has been fully completed.