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These Charts provide an outline for an 8-day program (workout
every-other-day). This is an intense program and you will need to
experiment with amount of weight to use in the beginning. We suggest
planning out a 4 week program for your first cycle. This can be increased
by one or two weeks for each new cycle. We do not suggest doing a cycle
any longer than 7 or 8 weeks for any given cycle. Note: Each muscle group
is exercised once every 4 days.
Your workouts occur on days 1, 3, 5 and 7. You do not workout on days 2,
4, 6 and 8. Repeat workout 1 on day 5, workout 3 on day seven and so on.
Always strive towards increasing weight, if possible, for each succeeding
Make an adequate number of charts to get through a cycle. Always start
out the cycle with a lighter weight than your 5-rep maximum. The goal is
to finish a cycle heavier than you finished your last cycle. We recommend
doing about 10 minutes of abdominal (abs) work after each workout. If you
do not have enough time to work abs, do what you can after your workout,
or work them on your off-days.

Set #RepetitionsWeightCompletedComments
Set #RepetitionsWeightCompletedComments
Seated Shoulder Press (Barbell)
Set #RepetitionsWeightCompletedComments
Lying Triceps Extension (Barbell)
Set #TricepsWeightCompletedComments
Set #TricepsWeightCompletedComments
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