Flatbed sensor. It provides high resolution and scans

Flatbed Input


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A scanner is
a digital device that converts graphical and text data into digital form. Very high resolution scanners are used for scanning
high-resolution images, but low resolution scanners are sufficient for scanning
images for computer display.


Scanners allow high quality (resolution) images to be scanned using high bit depths.
This results in an image file. Scanners are preinstalled with software such as
Adobe Photoshop for further editing. The trade-off between storage requirements
and resolution must be taken into account.  


The accuracy
is dependent on the bit depth and resolution available.


scanners will not have much in the way of internal buffering. They will,
instead, tend to rely on Direct Memory Access in the computer system to
transfer the data quickly to memory.


Scanners can
be connected to computer systems depending upon the Operating System of the
computer and the interface used.


The speed
will depend more on the computer than on the scanner. As already mentioned this
is because a large amount of data must be transferred quickly to the computer’s
memory. The faster this data can be transferred the faster the scanner will
appear to operate. This depends upon the bit depth, resolution and the type of
interface used.


CCD Scanner:

Coupled Device Scanner is similar to the sensor used for imaging in digital
camera. It uses a lens to reduce the image to sensor. It provides high
resolution and scans in depth of the field.

CIS Scanner:

Imaging Sensor Scanner uses a fiber optic lens to incorporate the image onto a
group of sensors. It is less expensive and sometimes there may be trade-offs in
terms of image quality.

Hand Scanner:

Hand Scanner
also performs the same task but is very small in size. They provide less
resolution and quality but the advantage of being small is more as it becomes
easy to scan and transmit data.

Smart Phone Scanner:

Smart Phone
Scanner is the inbuilt or downloaded software in one’s Smartphone which helps
to do scanning by camera available and then transforms it into the specific
format. It is now also being widely used as an OCR (Optical Character Reader)
to convert image into text data. E.g. Cam Scanner.

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