Floating Exchange Rate The Ringgits Appreciation Economics Essay

The article is depicting about the ringgit ‘s grasp which is backed by strong basicss, a solid banking system and positive sentiments in the part ‘s economic systems. There is a concern sing the merchandises being less competitory and the currency ‘s value going more volatile due to offshore trading. The ringgit ‘s strength is besides due to the involvement rate derived function in comparing to the US dollar. However, since other currencies in the part had besides strengthened, it will non do much difference sing the merchandise monetary values and exporters.

In order to forestall ringgit from keep appreciating, authorities demands to step in.


Floating exchange rate is a type of exchange rate government where a currency ‘s value is allowed to fluctuate harmonizing to the foreign exchange market[ 1 ]. Harmonizing to the study, ringgit ‘s grasp is backed by strong basicss, a solid banking system, positive sentiments in currencies in the part and involvement rate derived function in comparing to the US dollar.Bank Negara assures the depositors that their money in the Bankss every bit good as insurance companies is safe because of the strong banking system in the state. The strong banking system besides enables Malaysia to defy the fiscal planetary crisis. Strong capital place, first-class betterment in client services, ability to provide to the demands of all sectors and ample liquidness addition the assurance degree of the investors both locally and internationally to put in Malaysia. This causes the demand for ringgit additions.Furthermore, higher involvement rates make it more attractive to salvage in Malaysia Bankss than in US.

Interest rate is the rate at which involvement is paid by a borrower for the usage of money that they borrow from a loaner[ 2 ]. This causes the demand for ringgit to lift to lodge money in Malaysia. Hence, there will be inflow of hot money. It is the important factor because of the monolithic influx of foreign capital to take advantages of the involvement rate derived function.

Appreciation or increasing value of ringgit is besides contributed by guess by the speculators. If the speculators think the value of the ringgit will lift in the hereafter, they will purchase it now. If they are right, so they will be able to sell the ringgit in the hereafter when the currency is worth more and therefore, makes a batch of net income. This bad purchasing will do fluctuations in the exchange rate every bit good as addition in demand for ringgit.Positive sentiments in the part ‘s economic systems had besides cause the ringgit to appreciate. With a stronger ringgit, foreign companies become cheaper than domestic companies. China and Malaysia ‘s mutual moderation of regulations over the currencies ‘ cross-border trade had besides helped in hiking sentiments. Therefore, Malayan companies are either adding to their overall concern or extinguishing the rivals by geting them and indirectly, this will do Malaysia investing chance to better which will increase the demand for ringgit.

Diagram 1: An addition in the demand for ringgit.From the diagram, an addition in demand in ringgit/US dollar market will do the curve to switch to the right to D1. When this happens, the value of ringgit will appreciate and it will now worth 0.90 $ from 0.80 $ .A strong currency would do harm on export and domestic industries.

Export industries will confront trouble to sell goods and services abroad because of their high monetary values while domestic manufacturers may happen that the increased competition causes a autumn in the demand of their goods and services because imports are now less expensive and are being purchased with greater degrees.Government would be improbable to let offshore trading of ringgit so shortly because this would do local merchandises and services much more expensive to be selling domestically and abroad and therefore, make higher degrees of unemployment. The currency ‘s value would besides be more volatile due to offshore trading. Besides, authorities wants the currency to be stable so that it can defy any guess that will impact economic activities and the state ‘s aspirations.

Hence, authorities demands to step in as to protect the export and domestic industries. Lowering the value of the currency and the degree of involvement rates in the state can be done by purchasing foreign currencies on the foreign exchange market utilizing the ringgit. This increases the supply of ringgit on the foreign exchange market and increases the foreign currency militias.Diagram 2: An addition in the supply of ringgitDiagram 2 shows an addition in the supply of ringgit on the ringgit/US dollar market will switch the supply curve of the ringgit to the right to the S1. When this happens, the value of the ringgit will deprecate and it will now worth 0.70 $ from 0.

80 $ . Hence, in order to protect export and domestic industries, the supply of money should be increased by purchasing foreign currencies and take downing the degree of involvement rates.However, there are a batch of advantages of grasp of the ringgit. It will do downward force per unit area on rising prices, higher degrees of imports and betterment in efficiency of domestic merchandises which will ensue in greater economic productiveness for Malaysia.