Flowchart Process Essay

Flowchart Process M Salazar University of Phoenix Operations Management OPS 571 Michael Marticek October 08, 2012 Flowchart for a Process On a daily basis every individual around the world carries out a process, which is a process that is called the daily routine. Weather it is driving to work or preparing your children for school in the morning, they all consume a vast amount of time. In this paper, a detailed process is recognized, and a flowchart has been designed to demonstrate the range of aspects that influence the propose course as well as the exact metric that identifies the measurement process.

By including a designed flowchart for this specific process, the desired result is to recognize how the sum amount of time involved can be reduced and also making the general process supplementary efficient. As a single mother the daily routine is to prepare my daughter so that she can arrive on time to school, look presentable, and ready to study with a full tummy. Factors that Affect the Process Design The factors that influence the process design consist of: I. Did she go to bed on time? II. Did she shower? III. Is her school uniform fresh and clean? IV.

Does she have her clothes near her? Ready to put on? V. Are her shoes ready to wear? And look in good condition? VI. Did she put on lotion? VII. Did she brush her teeth? And use mouthwash? VIII. Did she brush her hair? IX. Did she use her allergy nasal spray? X. Did she drink her vitamins? XI. Did she eat breakfast? XII. Did we leave on time? The steps displayed are decision factors of the process, which can drastically have an effect on the point in time it takes to complete the process of making sure Celeste is dressed, ready to learn, and on time for school.

The following are supplementary steps in the process design which comprise less impact on the whole effectiveness of getting Celeste ready for school: I. Showering II. Putting on lotion. III. Brush her teeth and using her mouthwash. IV. Brushing her hair. V. Using her allergy nasal spray. VI. Taking her vitamins. Identified Metric The one metric that has been recognized to determine the process is “time”. The flowchart will integrate the identified metric for day by day of the school week which will be studied.

The following times are for the information unruffled for week one. • Monday October 1, 2012 Time expended: 60 minutes • Tuesday October 2, 2012 Time expended: 55 minutes • Wednesday October 3, 2012 Time expended: 53 minutes • Thursday October 4, 2012 Time expended: 50 minutes • Friday October 5, 2012 Time expended: 48 minutes Total time expended in week one is 4 hour 26 minutes.

Overall, the course to prepare Celeste for school is one that can be changed and improved to make it more effective and efficient. All the necessary information such as steps usually taken when getting Celeste ready for school have been presented, the metric identified applied to the routine has been shown, as well a flowchart explaining the daily routine.

It does not make a difference what the routine is you can improve the time spent by organizing and prioritizing your steps, recognizing a metric which would fit the routine, and applying the metric and minimizing time spent on the routine. [pic] References Chase, R. B. , Jacobs, F. R. , & Aquilano, N. J. (2006). Operations Management For Competitive Advance (Eleventh Edition ed. ). The McGraw-Hills Companies, Inc. Avenue of The Americas, New York, NY, 10020: McGraw-Hills/Irwin. Salazar, M. (2012). Flowchart. Retrieved from Personal Information