Flower and Legendary Red Rose Essay

My name is Rosier Delle,but I preferred to be called plain ‘Rose’. Like my name suggested, I’m into flowers. I knows all sorts of flowers and my favourite flower have to be the legendary Red Rose. I runned a flower shop near Trafalgas Square. I worked alone at the flower shop ,which was called ‘Flower Rose’. It was winter and my business went slow. It was snowing and the sky was showing some shade of dark blue, even though it was just 4. 30 p. m. I tend to get lonely ,especially at this time of year; where flower do not naturally exist and my workers is taking their holiday.

But I do got a couple of odd request, mainly from ‘blooming’ couples. To make it a story, there was a request which was sent to me. A simple red rose with a card etched “Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet and so are you.. ”. Typical. But who would have sent it to me?? It was no longer a question since I found out the answer that night. As I walking alone to home, which was only a stone throw from my shop,taking five minutes walk. While I was walking, I sensed that somebody was following me up.

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I turned around and what I saw was only deserted walk, covered with snow. I continued my journey until I arrived at my house. While I unlocked the door, someone was touched my hand, and that make me shocked! He was there, in front of me, in front of my house and I could not believe my eyes. His appearance only make my memories rushed back into my neuron, our childhood, our times together, our first kiss.. He was my first love, Jake! I felt my hands were stoked by another, which was warm. As I opened my eyes, I saw that Jake was hovering over me.

I let out a gasp which might shocked him as he let go my hand straight away. “You fainted, so I carried you in. By the way, nice to meet you again, Rose. ” I just stared at him, not believing that he was there. It must be I dreaming, so I pinched my hand and I can felt the pain. It was not a dream. I was surprised by how much Jake had grown. He was six feet tall, with muscular body ( I guess, if it not covered by that chocolate coat ) and his long, sexy brown hair that hung loosely on his shoulder. “I can’t believe that it is you!

Where have you been all these time? I was waiting for you for nearly 10 years. I missed you like crazy Jake! ” I started to felt the anger rising inside me, even though I was not quite sure for what reason. Jake and I were lovers since first grade. Somehow we got separated because his family is moving to Manchester, where his dad had been transfer, worked as Chief Executive Officer at one of the famous architecture firm there. But Jake had promised me that he will keep in touch and look for me when we had finished our study at 25 and marry me; which he did not.

He never contact me once and looked up for me when we were 25. And I was not 25 anymore. He grabbed hold my arms and started to story on how his dad had sent him to boarding school, how he could not contact me because phone and laptop were not allowed, how he had lost my phone number and my email address as his mom had thrown up all his old books, and how he was missing me really bad. He tried to look for me at Florida, but I had move from that place for last four years, and settled down here opened my own flower shop.

Until one day he saw me in one of the home magazine that promotes my flower shop and he got my latest address from that. He was telling me with passion and I’m not sure it is for real or he just making up. He hugged me and without any words ,my arms automatically hugged around his neck. Oh Jake, I have never stopped loving you ! The next few days, he kept visiting me at my flower shop as he stay at the hotel nearing my house. We talked of our past, make jokes and enjoy each other company.

I really felt that we could build something off from here, until one day he disappeared once again in my life.. I sat behind the counter in my flower shop, waiting for the customers that were not coming. I still pictured Jake in my mind, after 3weeks of his disappearance. How could he done this once again to me ? He could at least say a word to me before he left. Suddenly, my phone rang. It was Jake. He told me that he was on his way to my shop and told me to stay put. And I did. Jake arrived ten minutes later with black Porsche.

I saw a beautiful, elegant lady sat beside him and a cute little girl, about 5 years old sitting at back, happily waving at me. Jake slowly entered my shop and told me something that I had guessed after saw a woman and a little girl inside his car. “ I’m really sorry Rose, but I couldn’t lie to you anymore. I’m a married man. Her name is Bianca and love her so much, and we already have a daughter; Apple, and we love her too,” he paused, “ I tried to rekindle the flame between us, when I had a fight with my wife.

I was so depressed at the time that I really need someone which understand me and can make me happy and forget all my problems. And no one is better than you, Rose. But spending time with you had make me realized how much I loved my wife, and you opened me up to that with your true love, Rose. Love for you is only my past and my future is with Bianca and Apple. You had taught me so much; love, life, forgiveness, and many more. I’m really appreciated it and here I’m to thank to you. ” I listened to every words and felt it as a sharp razor, slicing my heart time, a massacre.

I was expecting it earlier, but still, I could not take it. Jake was only ‘releasing his stress’ with me. I thought it was for real. Slowly a warm tears flowing through my cheeks, got me out of my trance. I take a deep breath before say, “ Jake, just promised me one thing. Don’t you ever leave your family and be a good husband to Bianca and a lovely daddy to Apple. I’ll always pray for you happiness. Thanks for the memories Jake. ” He replied, “Take care, Rose. Sorry and thanks again. ”Jake smiled sadly at me before he walked away. I never saw him again after that..