A imagery to get a clear picture

A folktale is a general term for any of numerous varieties of traditional
narrative. The telling of stories appears to be a cultural and universal tradition,
common to primitive and complex societies alike. Folktales are demonstrably
similar from culture to culture, and comparative studies of themes and narrative
techniques have been successful in showing these relationships. Fairy tales are
entirely fictional and often begin with such formulas as Once upon a time .
Which is not the case in most folktales which useally express something common
to that culture. Folktales are stories that give people a means for sharing their
culture, history and values.And
so was the case in Mother to Son by Langston Hughes. Hughes discussed
problems common to people of color from his culture . One of the most powerful
tools used by hughes is imagery . Hughes uses strong imagery to get a clear
picture across to the reader. As does he uses Irony and metaphors such assLife
for me aint been no crystal stair Its had tacks in it, And splinters, And boards torn
up. HUghes work can be described as a folktale. He writes exactly to fit the
definition of the word folktale. And the same formula is used my many writers