Folk Singer Report on Cesaria Evora Essay

Folk Singer Report on Cesaria Evora
The Folk singer Cesaria Evora was born in the town of Mindelo, Cape Verde in the islands of Sao Vicente. She was born on the year 1941 of August 27th (, 2002 – 2007).
She is a singer who steps on stage without any footwear, she says it is a way for her to give and show support for those people who are homeless and those women who are poor and mostly to those children of the country where she belonged. Because of her going on stage without any footwear, she was then called the “Barefoot Diva” (, 2002 – 2007 ).

The thing that really expressed me is that she is able to take all her listeners and viewers’ attention even without her dancing or doing too many movements. She sweeps the heart of her listeners and that you can see through her face how emotional her song is. Like when she sang the song Besame Mucho, you can feel the song deep into your heart because she sings it within her and not only because she has to sing it for the audience.

I like some of her songs but not all; some songs took my attention because they are lively like all other Latin or Spanish songs. Example of her live song is the song Sodade. For me this is the song that stands out the most among her all other songs because I am not much fond of melody type of music.

Cesaria Evora is a good performer, although she is not that much hyper when she performs on stage unlike JLo she is still able to be successful in her concerts. The audiences are obviously taken away by her songs and they sometimes sing with her as she is singing in the stage.

Her type of music does not fit this generation’s type of music, but then again her’s is the songs which are to be appreciated. The consequence of this is that the type of song that she is singing might someday be forgotten because as music innovates or turn into more modern ones, the old types are somehow being disregarded.

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