Food in a Pill Essay

Imagine you’re at work. It’s another busy day and your schedule is packed with meetings. It appears that you’ll have to skip lunch yet again, since you just don’t have the time. Then you remember that you have a hamburger in your pocket, and you pull out a few pills with all the ingredients of a hamburger packed into them. It’s food in a pill and it can change the way that people eat forever. With food in a pill, people can eat all kinds of foods in seconds.

It completely fills them up just like a regular meal and it saves valuable time. It uses new technology that packs flavor and all the nutrients and vitamins the food originally has into a pill. Then when a person swallows the pill, it releases all these things into the body, making them feel like they can’t eat another bite. This invention will revolutionize food and people’s lives by making meal time a quick, easy way to meet a person’s daily nutritional needs.

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With food in a pill, there is no need to have to spend the time preparing your food every day. It’s quick and easy, unlike cooking and buying all the ingredients for a recipe. Whenever you are hungry, you just need to swallow one pill and your hunger is satisfied. A trip to the grocery store is easy and less expensive with only a few pills on your list. No need to waste gas and drive to a restaurant to get a good pizza, you can just grab a pill from the grocery store and eat on the way home.The production of these pills will create jobs and the need for people to create other inventions, such as devices to mix pills.

Food in a pill is inexpensive and can save people money, because all you need to do is buy a few pills, not a whole entire meal. Family gatherings can be easier, when instead of rushing around trying to prepare all three courses, you can relax and meet with relatives while only having to hand out pills for dinner. Food in a pill will change the world and create innovation that will increase the experience of daily life.