Food in the City Essay

Introduction            In our world today, many people are giving less attention to the content of the food they are eating.

Everyone is busy working for their living. The foods that are available in the market are not as fresh as the foods that were available before. Almost all of the food manufacturers are doing their best effort just to produce food that will save their money.

They produce foods that will last longer than it should be.            Genetically Modified Organisms or GMO are being used in the foods so that the foods that were being delivered to the market are big and in return it will attract more buyers that will lead to the boost of sales and/or income of the food company. The controversies regarding the genetically modified organisms were raised upon only when it was found that it is cancerous. But even so, many people did not bother enough to stop from consuming foods that undergone different process that of course includes preservatives.            Aside from the issues regarding the food contents that many people are eating, there are other things that are alarming. That includes the notion that many people, especially in the United States do not care about their body built, size of their body, and of course their weight.

Everyone is caught up with the things that they find really enjoying that they tend to forget the important things in life.            It is not surprising if the obesity rate nowadays is high. With all the amenities that give comfort to the people. Everyone is after the things that make them comfortable. Thy hate the tiring work and exerting too much effort or giving out a lot of energy on a certain thing it is not a virtue anymore. It sucks having to walk really long. Not to mention the exhausting work because of all the demands of the fast-paced life.

Because of the demanding work, people resorted to the ready to eat packed foods. People do not have time to cook delicious and healthy foods. Everyone is getting the ready to cook foods and other foods that can be found in different fast food restaurants.            In this kind of environment today, it is not surprising if you will find a lot of people who are big, to simply put – people who are fat. Even though that work is stressing, people do not lose weight because of their tendency to splurge on foods that have a lot of cholesterol.

That is their way to relieve stress.            Working out is not an in thin lately. But this does not mean that all of the people nowadays are fat. There are still the chosen few who chose to control the volume of food they are eating. There are still gym buffs who are so after their body built. These people are those who are very conscious of how they look. These people are those who are very conscious with their physical appearance. But then again this does not mean that they are health conscious.

Not all slim people have a healthy diet. Some deprive themselves of healthy foods, some even turned to be anorexic or bulimic.Body            With all the given health, specifically weight problems all of these can be accounted to different factors. These factors were discussed and studied in the work (article) that I have chosen entitled, “Environmental Influences on Eating and Physical Activities.

” The study was done by Simone A. French, Mary Story, and Robert W. Jeffery from the University of Minnesota. Their main finding is obesity is the product of the physical environment we have today. They have discussed the components of the physical environment and they have characterized the physical environment as a promoter of too much food consumption or intake and it discourages physical activities. They also discussed and gave recommendations on how to prevent obesity.

The main point of the article is to know through checking the influences of the environment on physical activity and behaviors on eating.            There are foods that were mentioned that are factors in the increasing number of obese or the increasing rate of it. When it comes to eating, the foods which have energy and fat have a high number of consumption. But when it comes to fruits and vegetables there are a little bit declines same goes to milk. But there is a high increase in the level of consumption of cheese and pizza. The decline in the consumption of milk was changed by the high increase in the consumption of soda specifically Pepsi and Coca Cola.            As mentioned above, the habit of eating and its consumption by many people are very similar to me. Because I do not eat much of vegetables and I prefer drinking soda that drinking milk.

My consumption of milk depends on my mood and it has nothing to do on its effects on my health. It is undeniably true that most people prefer eating fatty foods because it is conceived as the delicious foods. When it comes to veggies or vegetables, I do not really mind eating but I do not consider myself as vegetarian. It is enough that I eat vegetables, but eating only the foods hat vegetarians eat, I do not think so.            Eating out is also a factor. Like what I have mentioned above, many people resort to eating out because of the hectic schedule. It was seen in the study that the number of people who are eating out is high. It can be seen in the present situation.

Many people are gathering up to different restaurants and other eateries. They can be fond there regardless of the occasion. Eating out is the venue of people who are not in the mood to eat moreover of the people who have time to prepare their own food. Despite the fact that there are weekends, people still opted not to cook or prepare their own food.

There are the delivery services of different restaurants. Just a call away and in an instant, after minutes or so there will be food right in your door. The bad thing about this is that the portion or the sizes of the food that are being served are big. Thus people tend to splurge on foods and eating too much than what is needed.

            With all these factors, the government has done something to counter this. The media, specifically the television and radio through advertising has a big part in the campaign on healthy eating. The media also provide the healthy foods that people should take. There is also the campaign on food labeling wherein people are well informed of the contents of the food they are consuming. But this seems not to work because it shows that the obesity rate is still high. People tend to undermine the labels.

            In the contrary, media feeds the people of a lot of enticing foods. The media can also be considered as a culprit in the rising number of obese. The pricing of food product can also be blamed. The foods in the market today are very affordable to the point that people can feast on different foods that is high in cholesterol and fats.            Other factors are those which discourage physical activities. One of which is the rapid advertising of cars. People found an alternative in walking.

Then nowadays, walking is such a burden to most of the people. Everyone is buying cars, the way they buy food, with the same purpose of getting comfort. With the breakthroughs in technology, there are devices that were invented that do not require much of physical activities. Better yet, these invented devices make people not to do any physical activities. There are televisions and computers which most of the households in the United States have. With these appliances or devices, people tend to just sit in one corner and they easily get the entertainment not to mention the comfort they are getting.            The food nowadays can be really accounted to the increasing level of obesity. But we should not forget that the society has a big part on this.

Had the given community became very vigilant of every food they take, obesity would not be a problem. This problem is global. There are many countries that are very in need of food. Everyone is just after the satisfaction they get. It is cultural as well. There are other cultures wherein they really make their people fat because it is beautiful for them. The repercussions of being fat are not an issue for them.

It is just about their tradition.            We should also take note of the changes in the society. The demand of work, or should I say the economy push the people not to eat healthy foods. Even if they do not like they are left with no choice unless they want to b jobless the following day. The role players in this problem are the society, the economy, and the technology.

But nonetheless, we should be the guardian of our own health. Society may dictate us the food tat we food there is always the freewill wherein we can decide on what we will got to do with our body.Reference:French, Simone A., Mary Story, and Robert W. Jeffery.

(2001). “Environmental Influences on Eating and Physical Activity.” Annual Reviews.