Food Service Establishments Essay

We live in a pretty rural area, so really considered the options that were available to this area. In the end, I chose two national chain restaurants and a smaller community restaurant. The first restaurant I chose was Sonic. This restaurant would be classified as a fast food establishment. The reason I picked Sonic was because they offer a different style of service there.

At our local chains, there is no inside seating area, in fact the restaurant totes themselves as “American Drive-Thru. ” Sonic restaurants can be reminiscent of old style drive inn’s with servers on roller skates and car side service. The second restaurant that I chose is a mid-scale restaurant in our market. Olive Garden restaurants offer a unique take on Italian food. While Olive Garden serves all of the classic Italian dishes that one would expect, there is also new facials most months that bring a new edge to the restaurant.

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The Olive Garden in our area has a beautiful patio area with fresh fining flowers covering the terrace. I chose this restaurant because it is a good representation of the mid-scale dining in American society. The final restaurant that I chose is a local favorite for a fine dining experience called Porters. Porter’s restaurant is located in the heart of the older portion of downtown. The building itself is a remodeled train depot that is elegantly hemmed to represent the history Of the not only the building, but Of the city as well.

There are many local items on the menu Including produce, award winning wine and cheeses. Porter’s, while on the more expensive side of dining for our area, is a beautiful restaurant that caters to those fine occasions and special moments. While each of these three restaurants represent a very different aspect of the restaurant market, they all hold their place within the target consumers.