Foodservice operation for riverside highschool: riverside ambrosia Essay

Foodservice operation for riverside highschool: riverside ambrosiaABSTRACTFoodservice is a delicate business because it deals with the nutrition intake of its consumers, giving them the energy and nutrients that they need to go about their day. The foodservice proposed here is designed to meet not only the nutritional needs of the students of Riverside High School, but also to contribute to their overall wellness and interest in nutrition, health and fitness.Further, the foodservice system designed here also seeks the cooperation of the students and their parents to create an interactive and cooperative atmosphere for a better lifestyle for the children. The children’s participation is anticipated in events such as Riverside Food Sale, where they can raise funds for their various organizations and learn about culinary arts and business at the same time as well.

In conjunction with this, a Culinary Club will be introduced, so that students who have an innate love of food will be able to harness their knowledge and increase their skills, and have the opportunity to use these in the Cafeteria as well. Meanwhile, awareness and knowledge of different cultures will be promoted through the monthly World Food Fest, where for a single day once a month a featured foreign cuisine will be made available in the cafeteria and all its “Tree Houses”.  This is an effort not only to bring the world to the students, but also to recognize the diversity of students that Riverside High School has.The Tree Houses are part of the cafeteria makeover that the Riverside High School is implementing to encourage students to eat better.

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The Tree Houses are either mobile food carts or strategically established locations on the school grounds that children frequent where there will be nutritious food and snacks available. Meanwhile, the main cafeteria will be designed to resemble and recreate a homey environment, especially at this modern time when more and more children do not have the luxury or the enjoyment of experiencing a home-cooked meal. Indeed, the school-wide foodservice system is tagged as Riverside Ambrosia, Ambrosia as definitely the food for the gods. And after all, at Riverside High, we are not only aiming to produce good students, but rather knowledgeable, skilled, and capable individuals, budding gods and goddesses by themselves.BACKGROUND – THE SCHOOLRiverside High School is home to more or less 2,000 children from elementary to high school. It is a non-profit educational institution, whose main mission is to help children hone their potential to the highest level through knowledge and skill acquisition, inculcating moral values and principles, and the symbiotic development of the mind and body.

Riverside High School supports the shift from high-fat fast-food variety to the more organic and healthy alternative offered to students all over the country. Riverside High School prioritizes the holistic development of its students over funds, and believes that it has a responsibility to look after the best interests of the students even if they prefer to eat “competitive foods”. After all, it is the school’s duty and responsibility to uphold the trust the parents of the students give to them.CUSTOMER BASEDEMOGRAPHICRiverside High School admits any student that meets its academic requirements. Thus, the foodservice is responsible for providing nutritious, healthy food for all the students currently enrolled in the school. At present, about 65% of the students are female, 35% male. Of these, an estimated 28% are non-native Americans, comprised of students with Chinese, Korean, Philippine, Indian, Australian and Jewish ancestry.

There are about 1200 students in the elementary level and 800 students at the high school level.NEEDSThe students have grown up to a culture of fast-food and vending machines, opting for the candy bar and carbonated drink over the granola bar and the fruit juice. However, Riverside High School recognizes that even though this is what students want, it is not exactly what they need.

Riverside High School believes that once the students are exposed to healthy alternatives and taught about health, fitness, and nutrition, they will better appreciate the school’s efforts in providing them with the necessary nutrients and vitamins growing children need.Moreover, Riverside High School believes that by instituting the new Foodservice system, it can be instrumental in changing the trend in junk food preference and begin inculcating a preference for healthier food stuffs with the younger generation as they become more exposed to such treats.THE RIVERSIDE HIGH FOODSERVICEFUNCTIONThe Foodservice team believes that the cafeteria is not only a place for the students to eat their meals, but it is also a place where integral interaction and communication between youngsters take place – over food. Further, the Foodservice Team believes that the children should be energized and refreshed after a meal, and a complimentary environment is needed to achieve that as well.

Thus, the Riverside Foodservice System sees its functions to be:to serve healthy and nutritious food to students, that are freshly cooked and made from organic ingredientsto raise awareness in health, nutrition, and fitness at all aspects of the students’ life, not just in the cafeteria, the school grounds, but outside as well so that they will be able to choose a healthier food alternative and lifestyle even as they move to the world beyond Riversideto inculcate an understanding of food and its preparation, and its relation to health to the studentsto foster the interests of students in culinary artsto provide an abode where students can thoroughly enjoy the eating experience, not only to help promote better digestion, but also to prepare them for their academic pursuits by rendering not only their stomachs but their minds refreshedRIVERSIDE FOODSERVICE SYSTEMThe Riverside Foodservice System has designed three arms to better meet the needs of the students, wherever they may be. An important consideration is the geographic location of these food kiosks – they should be strategically placed so that they will reach their target market.THE AMBROSIAAs an abode for a population of students with different needs and interests, the Riverside High School Cafeteria, The Ambrosia, is designed to admit at least 500 students at any given time.Studies show that the students want to hang out with their friends, express themselves and their individuality, and to have a place in the school.The school cafeteria, the Ambrosia, seeks to meet those needs to encourage students to enjoy their stay and meals.The Ambrosia is designed to have big glass windows to let the natural light and fresh air in, and dark wooden walls inspired by minimalist Zen to give that relaxing feel. The usual plastic chairs will be replaced with comfortable sofas and couches, with matching wooden tables so that students can eat in groups like families.

Of course, students are expected to take care of the furniture and upholstery as their own. A culture of solidarity and community is integral in the new Riverside High School Foodservice.Music will be played, with students manning the sound system. There will also be a community board, and a free expression wall, where students can voice their sentiments, suggestions, complaints, or just make their thoughts known. Plants and small water structures will be put into place to increase the harmonious and natural environment texture of the cafeteria, to provide relaxation to the students.THE MENUThe food served at the Ambrosia follows strict guidelines. It must be prepared with sanitation in mind, and the food itself must meet the required nutrients recommended and established by the USDA.As much as possible, there will be two menus each month, alternating every week.

There will be four main types of Lunch available:TYPE A1 cup fluid milk¾ cup juice, fruit, and/or vegetable1 serving grains/bread1 meat/meat alternate servingTYPE B1 cup fluid milk¾ cup juice, fruit, and/or vegetableAlternate hot or cold sandwich with whole wheat bread, with chicken or tunaTYPE C1 cup fluid milk1 glass of fruit shake (depends on what fruit is in season)Alternate hot or cold sandwich with whole wheat bread, with chicken or tunaTYPE D1 cup fluid milk4 ounce yogurt¾ cup juice, fruit, and/or vegetable1 ounce string cheese entréeTYPE E1 cup fluid milk¾ cup juice, fruit, and/or vegetableWhole grain pasta with red sauce, with chicken or tunaFOODSERVICE KIOSKS – THE TREE HOUSESThe Tree Houses are basically food kiosks designed with natural themes. The Riverside High School acknowledges that not all students can fit in at the Ambrosia, and that some students may not have the time to stay long and prefer to grab a bite on their way to their next class. The mobile Tree Houses are the perfect solution for the students who are always on the go, or who are needing a fast replenishment.

The mobile Tree House will be serving fruits like bananas, apples, and strawberry packs, yogurt, sandwiches and also fruit juices, bottled water, and milk. The mobile Tree House will only be available during class hours, when students will be moving from one class to another.The other version of the Tree House quite literally resemble a tree house, in that it will be found in the school grounds near the trees and other foliage. The students will like to eat and hang out in these open-air places where they can view nature and feel relaxed and refreshed. It is like the café for the yuppies – students can hang out even after school hours at these Tree Houses and do their assignments and meet with friends. Each Tree House has about eight tables which two benches for four people each. There are three Tree Houses, one near the grade school playground, the other near the parking lot, and the other one near the high school department next to the gym and the garden.

Like the mobile Tree House and the Ambrosia, the Tree House serves only nutritious food – milk, fruit shakes, water, tea, yogurt, fruits, sandwiches, salads and other greens, granola bars, nuts and other healthy alternatives.FOODSERVICE ACTIVITIESThe Foodservice Team has listed some activities to help promote nutrition and health all over the school, to the students and to their teachers. Here are such activities:The Riverside Food SaleThe Riverside Food Sale is targeted to all the student groups and organizations. All throughout the year different groups have to come up with fundraising activities by selling cupcakes and cookies, washing cars and tutoring to help put through a theater production, buy uniforms for the cheerleading team, or purchase new helmets for the football club. The Riverside Foodservice System opens its auxiliaries to students who need to raise funds.

They can opt to rent the cafeteria for the day – they will be responsible for creating the menu and cooking the food, serving and marketing, and then they will be able to keep all the sales receipt after paying the overhead cost minimum. Or they can just bring their goodies to the cafeteria and sell them there together with the other food stuffs.The Culinary ClubThe Culinary Club is an effort to bring together those students who have a natural love, inclination, and interest in food and cooking. They will be able to harness their skills and gain knowledge in food preparation and the art and discipline that goes with it as well. They will be given responsibilities of creating and brewing their own healthy concoctions, and these could be credited as academic units as well.

World Food FestThe World Food Fest is an effort to bring the world closer to the students through the experience of different cuisines from all over the world. At least once a month, a foreign cuisine will be featured. Students are free to suggest a particular cuisine that they enjoy or are wanting to taste. Cuisines that will be made available include: Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Greek, French, Italian, Indian, Spanish, Jewish, and Native.Specialties from different states will also be featured, such as the Memphis’ Steaks.

This event aims to foster diversity and to raise awareness of the different cultures around the world, without sacrificing health and healthy foods.Parents’ Special TreatsParents’ Special Treats invites parents of students to share their favorite recipes and cook them for the school cafeteria. This aims for the parents to be more involved with the health and nutrition of their children, and increase awareness of what their children eat.SUMMARYThe Riverside High School and the Riverside Foodservice System are dedicated in raising children with healthy minds and bodies. With the alarming rate of obesity instances all throughout the country, the school believes that it is time to take a definitive step and a proactive stance in designing not only a better foodservice but also a better and healthier food alternative to all the children enrolled in the school.