Football Essay

See, football is more of a mental sport than anything else, so running on the t rack wasn’t only about getting in shape. They would push their minds by running a s hard as they could even if they felt like they were going to pass out. At the beginning, he w as immature and only thought of himself, sometimes even giving up when he was tired or hurt Eng. Then one day he was put to the test, because when they had the game against clarion h e knew he would have to try his best and concentrate on the goal.

Although they didn’t w in they tried their best and shine learned a lesson that day about what football was really bout. After varsity year he decided that he would always give his best effort. Although h he will not be playing football for a while, I bet it will teach him so much, much more than just what his assignments were on a particular play or how to block, he has learned to t hind about others first, and realized how important working hard is.

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Being with all his Fri. ends, even sweating and bleeding with them, really made them bond as a group of hard working young men, this know he will succeed in life. Highlights football is more than just a sport. It is a learning ground for many o strengthen their personality and character for their lives. One thing I always w anted to tell him was, “Imagine that you have just ran 100 sprints and a giant bear starts chasing g you. Are you just going to stand there and let it attack you because you are too tired and y o want to give up? The answer, of course,would be no, because you can always put it in anon there gear even if you think you need to give up. After that I would say”So Shine you are not d one fighting and practicing even though you think you are, just because this year of football is over,you still eave a long way to go if you want to win, because all you are doing is trying,Pl eying,and beating yourself, you’re not playing another team, you’re not playing your tea m mates, you’re just playing yourself.

Now football to me means that you can always control you our attitude and effort. So, no matter what, if you maintain a great attitude and always give who dafter you’re doing your best effort, you will have no regrets, because you know, you’re cocoa chi knows, your team knows, and even your family knows that it is all about teamwork,response usability,and having as much fun as you can.