For and Against Being a Doctor Essay

To be a doctor means to be the one who is able to do the God’s service on Earth. Is it easy to work in this sphere? What are the prerogatives and difficulties of this profession? Frankly speaking, such an occupation is not my cup of tea and I have never even dreamt of becoming at least a pharmacist. The amount of responsibility and never-ending duties of any doctor is something which I can’t bear on my shoulders.

Not for nothing, people who are going to treat others are educated for approximately 10 years (for example, becoming surgeons have many years of practice under the guidance before they are allowed to conduct serious operations independently). I just want to emphasize that it’s not enough to be good at theory but practice as well, especially when a human life is put at stake. In this respect, I’m dead sure about the fact that this profession is for exclusive people with iron nerves, a great sense of responsibility and desire to help those who are in need.They say that doctors are to be cold-blooded and in some cases even act like machines. I devote the whole paragraph to this matter because it’s really worth discussing. To my mind, we should always distinguish between composure and simple indifference which we usually experience at hospitals. A doctor whose help begins only with the pleasant sound of banknotes doesn’t deserve to be called even a human.Somehow or other, we have already put up with that and it’s not a secret that the greater part of doctors’ salary is not which is given by the government but by helpless people who have health problems and have nothing else to do but pay if they want to get a proper treatment.

You know, I also don’t mind paying for consultations but when they are really useful and helpful. It’s impossible to break the corrupt system which is well-established in our country. All in all, I stick to the point that being a doctor has a lot of advantages if you are a good one.

You even may succeed in making friends with people in high places. But if your intensions of becoming a doctor are based only on the financial point of the matter – do not become one, I beg you. As the result, society will be free of one more amoral creature. On the other hand, if you feel like helping sick people – my congratulations – you’ve chosen the right door. Be aware of your duties and may be proud of yourself because you do the job which deserves respect and appreciation. Not everybody has enough power for it.