For all, if time did not exist, we,

For me, time is one of the most interesting
things in all this
universe. I always find it amazing to realize how little I know about time, or
about its influence in my life, or in everyone’s life.

The past, present and future are categorized by
an indefinite continued progress of existence and events. Time is defined as
the set of the three together as a whole. It doesn’t have breaking points. And
so, something that is happening now can affect something that will happen in
the future. In fact, this is always happening. We are constantly changing the
future because of our acts in the present. And our acts in the present are
being influenced by others that happened in the past.

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Life is made of coincidences. It’s made of
causality. Sometimes, some seconds have a tremendous impact in our lives and we
don’t think about it. Just close your eyes, and imagine that you are walking on
the street. Then, suddenly, one car gets out of is way. It’s uncontrolled, and it
just comes to the sidewalk, destroying everything that’s in his way, until he
finally stops by the wall. But don’t worry. You are safe. You had just passed
through there before the car started crashing into everything. Now imagine that
you were two or three seconds later, and when you were passing, the car was
entering the sideway. What could eventually happen to you?

Time is so powerful. Have you ever stopped for a
minute and looked around you just to see the way that people depend on time? First
of all, if time did not exist, we, humanity, couldn’t be alive. In fact, all
our universe wouldn’t exist. Can you imagine a universe without time? Would you
know how to live without time?

We live through time. And as if it weren’t
enough, the more our society is evolved, the greater is our dependence in time.

Everything is scheduled. We have to wake up at a precise time, then we just
have that amount of time to prepare ourselves for the day, because it will
start at a precise hour. And the trains and plains don’t wait for anyone. I
think that you got the idea. So now, do you think you would be able to live
without clocks?

Regardless of this tremendous dependency that we
have on time, we barely think about it, and about this dependency. Our own life
is a clock. We just have a certain amount of time to live. And the clock goes
tic-tac, tic-tac, tic-tac… And we do not notice that. We just simple don´t
care. And you know why? Because we will live until the age of three hundred and
fifty-two years, and we will be always healthy and capable of doing everything.

And so, we can lose time doing, basically, nothing.

I can’t understand how people can use the
expression “Oh, I’m just making some time so I can do this or that,” or “I’m
just killing some minutes because I do not have anything to do.” I simply do
not understand because, you know, the clock goes tic-tac, tic-tac and tic-tac,
until the day it stopes. We do not have an unlimited amount of time to use in
our life, so why do we live as if we had it?            

We live our life as if we would live forever,
and we keep doing things that we do not like, and we keep thinking that someday
we will start doing the things that we like, and that our time will be used in
a good way. And we keep living this way, and thinking this way. And we keep
doing this until we are seventy-eight years old and we realize that we lived
all our life in a way that we didn’t like, and that we do not have an infinite
amount of time anymore. And suddenly all our life doesn´t have a meaning
anymore. And this, if, by causality, our life wasn’t taken earlier.

We should take more care of our time. Much more
care. We should do what we want, and not be afraid of it. We should go after
our present to have a better future. And forget our past, because we can’t
change it. We are not immortal and someday our time will come. Do you just want
to live an insignificant life or do you want to make it count?

As Oscar Wilde said once, “To live is the rarest
thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”1
Don’t be one of those that only exist. Take care of the fact that your life can
completely change in one second without your will. So, use all the other
seconds that you have the best way you can. Make it count. Make your life
count. Do less “nothing”, and more “any thing”, preferentially the thinks you
love, so when you get older, you do not regret the way that you used your time.

I will try to do the same.

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