For her journal you can tell that

For Journal 4, I will be analyzing Ashley
Manassero’s Journal. Her journals were about the veterinary hospital where she
currently works. She observed a group of veterinarians and the strategies they
use when diagnosing a cat or dog with an issue. There are four doctors in the
practice and only one of them performs surgery if necessary. The other three
usually does routine checkup and exams. I love the way she connected the
hospital and described the waiting area. The description she gave was very
vague and it made the reader got a visually image in her head with the
adjectives that she used.

shadowed the four doctors at the practice to get a more vivid idea about the
way the practice works.  She went on to
explain that every vet has a different strategy when it comes to the way they
work.  She explained that the vets that
work there are some of the highest levels of medical expertise and are deeply
compassionate when it comes to their animal companions. I really liked the way
she connected the vets with their specific job descriptions. It indicated that
she has a very clear idea of what it takes to work in a vet hospital. I could
tell she was very excited to write about this topic because of the way she
presented the details.
            She discussed how the
different vets have their own way of working, for example some of them love to
meet new clients while some prefer their own clients that they are familiar
with their diagnostics.  From her journal
you can tell that being a vet is not an easy job but it takes the love and
passion that you have for animals to help you get through your day if you are a
vet. I really enjoyed reading her journals for numerous reasons but the main
one is the way she explained the details and it made me develop a sense of
image of not only what the hospital looks like but the doctors and the way they
enjoy working with the animals.

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