For my english Essay

Getting into the college level is that one time of our lives that we most probably will never forget no matter whatever we do. After the wild and experimental transitory stage that we all went through in high school, college life comes next and it never fails to give almost all that enters it for the first time the uncertain feeling of how we would be able to adjust to the environment we now will be living with, because it is like a sudden shift in everything we are used to live with, entering the college level is the real start of developing fully our maturity, in this level  we will learn to deal with our own problems alone,  because in college we get to experience the freedom we were dreaming of when we were much younger. Because of this partial independence college life can give to us, we learn and understand how the life in reality would be. Normally, majority of us students who are already in college experience how to run our lives on our own, we go through our everyday lives making our own decisions because there are no rules and regulations that will govern and guide that will guide us on what we should be doing. And because of this freedom we develop the philosophies in life we will live with when grow older; our reasoning will become more mature because we get to discover what the rights and wrongs are through trial and error.

            But sometimes it happens that because of this freedom some of us tend to be misled, some learn the wrong philosophies because of being influenced by wrong things, some get trapped in the error after the trial stage. These things happen as a result of too much freedom, the social and cultural rules are sometimes being ignored because some tend to think that what they believed was the right thing during the period of self discovery of reality. On the other hand being given too much restriction tend to cause a lack of the true understanding of life, being deprived of the chance to discover to yourself how you should deal with things may possibly result to being dependent on the rules and regulations, meaning someone may end up being ignorant because what they learned is just to strictly obey the laws, they deal with things the way that the rules taught them, they become unable to find out that it is not just  by following these rules that one can see what is true and correct.That is the reason why the set of restrictions a university sets for its students should not be too much and neither be the level of giving freedom. The two should just be in balance, meaning the rules and regulations implemented in the university should not deprive the students’ right to enjoy what they should be enjoying, these policies should not be presented to the students in a way that it would appear as a command, it would be better if these policies will be showed in the manner that it would be perceived by the students as reminders of what their limitations are. Policy makers of the universities should be putting more focus on observing and analyzing the responses of the students with regards to the system.

The policies made should be consistent and it will be better if the policies will be designed carefully to eliminate or lessen the possibility of being questioned and disrespected. And it is also necessary for the policy makers to make a way to communicate it clearly to its target audience and why the limits are set in that way should also be explained. Students should not be treated as children and also not as highly matured adults.Many universities in fact almost all have a problem with regards to this aspect of making and implementing policies. A lot of schools that sets their rules and regulations too tightly results to having rebellious students, or if not the students turn out to be wild. And for the students studying in those schools that are too loose or give too much freedom, they usually just ignore the school policies and do not treat faculty members as authority or the ones that should be given respect to.

The policies even though it have already been well constructed, there will still be some who will stand against, criticize and demand more modifications on it because it is not effectively communicated.University administrations that see to it that the limitations and freedom they give to the students are in balance will be able to create a harmonious relationship with its students, giving just enough restrictions helps in the proper discipline of the students; this can be very helpful in attaining that desired attitude of students. Because students are also given the chance to do things that they want although with some limitations, they do not feel deprived and pressure on their part which can greatly affect their attitude towards studying will be eliminated.

 Universities that can put into practice this balance in restrictions and freedom turn out to have students who are more aware on the real world, who can distinguish clearly the right from wrong based on what philosophies they have developed, not students who totally would go against the administration, who are not open minded in the sense that they keep on being one-track minded because they were unable to explore different factors that affect the decisions around them.References:In Loco Parentis. (2005).

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