For Poorer and For Poorer Essay

For Poorer and For Poorer            According to Suzy Hansen, author of the article “For Poorer and for Poorer” the current economy is driving young couples to postpone wedding plans and focus more on how to make ends meet. Today’s economic situation is forcing people to get jobs that they were overqualified for just to be able to pay their monthly bills and sustain their everyday needs. The financial situation of families in the United States is not getting better since September 11 and the government’s decision to go to war. The present economy had caused young couples fight all the time because they feel insecure, irritable, and resentful of their current situation. And their depleting bank accounts doesn’t help them at all.            In 1990, the scenario was a lot different. Young couples fresh out of college and even high school can generously decide to get married and plan a dream-like wedding. During that time, the economy was good and there are simply a lot of high paying jobs to choose from.

Terrorism was never a concern until the 9/11 attacks happened.            Today’s economy calls for both the man and the woman to provide for the family. Men are still expected to be the main breadwinner but with the current recession, their salaries alone are not always enough.

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Asking for their parents’ help is also not an option, because young couples are either ashamed to do it or their parents are experiencing financial turmoil themselves.            But despite of the economic depression that seems to have targeted young couples the most, a lot of them are still positive that they would be able to pass through this phase together. Some believe that it makes their relationship stronger. Furthermore, they are not blaming anybody for all the hardships they are experiencing. Indeed, this optimistic outlook is should be enough for them to be successful in this life’s challenge.