Foreign Policy Expansionism Essay

Japan also needed resources, so they wante d to gain land. Pearl Harbor occurred because of the Japanese wanting to gain land for these resources. They decided that the Dutch East Indies would be the best place to try and 0b tain the land they needed. However, the Japanese thought that if they attacked the Dutch E ast Indies that they would pull the US into the war. So they needed to find a way to keep the US out of the fight. They decided that Pearl Harbor would be the best method to do this.

They created attacks on other nations and created fear among nations. Other Nations Responses: There was fear, the Germans and Italians signed a treaty with Japan German Expansionism Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia and Austria The GermanSoviet Pact, also known as the RibbentropMolotov Pact after the t foreign ministers who negotiated the agreement, had ty. ro parts. An economic agreement, signed on August 19, 1939, provided that Germany would exchange manufact ured goods for Soviet raw materials.

Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union also signed a tenyea nonaggression pact on August 23, 1 939, in which each signatory promised not to attack the other. August 19th, 1939 and August 23rd, 1939 Poland Why: The GermanSoviet Pact enabled Germany to attack Poland on September 1 , 1939, without fear of Soviet intervention. On September 3, 1 939, Britain and France, having guaranteed to protect Poland’s borders five months earlier, declared war on Germany. These events marked the beginning of World War II. How.

The French diverted the Germans attention from the Polish front and took M unich. They used military force because of the invasion of Poland caused a disturban ce of the peace because the non aggression treaty was broken by the germans Britain and France declared war on Germany because Germany attacked Poland.