foreword 1.4 Writing Purpose a. To know


            I wish to thank to Allah SWT for mercy
and blessings I can finish paper entitled Health well without any significant
obstacles. I as a human being fully aware that there are still many
shortcomings in the writing of this paper. Therefore any form of advice and
constructive criticism is expected to achieve better writing. I hope this paper
can help the government in implementing the program in good health.


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1.1  Issue

Good health enable a person to be more productive.
Therefore, health is one of the basic rights and needs
that must be fulfilled, so that every individual can work and enjoy a life of
dignity. Nowadays health services are getting more expensive.
The high cost of health is also issued by individuals,
causing not all members of the community are able to obtain good health
services. The government’s ability to subsidize health services is very low.
Without a system that guarantees health financing, more
and more disadvantaged people will not get the health services they need.


1.2  Problem

a.       What
is the relationship between pancasila and health?

b.      What
is the role of pancasila in improving the public health level?

c.       How
the goverment implements pancasila in health development?


1.3  Limitation
of Problem

make the paper easy to discuss, the problem is limited by just looking at the
health sector in Indonesia in the perspective of pancasila.


1.4  Writing

a.       To know the positive impact of Pancasila values for the
welfare of the community, especially in the field of health.

b.      To find out the extent to which the government’s role in
promoting development in the health sector based on Pancasila values.


1.5  Benefits
of Writing

a.       provide information about the relationship between
Pancasila and public health.

b.      provide a positive view of the values of Pancasila in
promoting development in the field of health.



2.1  Definition

2.1.1   Health

Health is a state of complete
physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or
infirmity (WHO, 1948).

According to UU
No. 23, 1992 about health states
that: health is a prosperous state of the body, soul and social that enable productive
life socially and economically.

2.1.2  Pancasila

Pancasila Historically:

process of formulating Pancasila begins when in the first session of BPUPKI dr.
Radjiman Widyodiningrat, posed a problem, particularly to be discussed at the
hearing. The problem is about a candidate formulation of the basic state of
Indonesia that will be formed. Then there were three speakers at the session:
Mohammad Yamin, Soepomo and Soekarno.

   On June 1, 1945 Ir. Soekarno speaks verbally
(without text) on the candidates for the basic formulation of the Indonesian
state. Then to give the name “Pancasila” which means the five basic,
this is according to Sukarno on the advice of one of his friends is an unnamed

Pancasila According to

1.      Ir.

He explained that
Pancasila is a content in the soul of the Indonesian nation that is hereditary
in every soul of Indonesian citizens. So Pancasila is not only the philosophy
of the state but also the philosophy of our nation that is Indonesia.

2.      Muhammad

Pancasila is a word
derived from the word Panca which means five and Sila which means joint, so
Pancasila is the 5 joints that become the basis and the rules for the behavior
of the society for the better.




3.      Notonegoro

Pancasila became the
foundation of the state philosophy of Indonesia. So it can be concluded that
Pancasila became the ideology of the state of Indonesia and a view of life for
the nation of Indonesia.


2.2  Outcome

2.2.1  Form The Implementation of Pancasila Values In The Field of Health

Indonesia has a very
good state base called Pancasila. In Pancasila contains values that are
guidelines for the people of Indonesia in the life of nation and state.
Pancasila values that have been applied in the health sector, among others:

1.      The
existence of BPJS (Badan Penyelenggara Jaminan Sosial) program. (BPJS) is a
state-owned enterprise specialized by the government for the provision of
social security in the field of health for all Indonesians for civil servants,
recipients of civil servants and TNI / POLRI, veterans, freedom pioneers can be
tried and other business entities.

2.      The
existence of free medication conducted by a government agency both public and
private, gives a very impact for people, especially people with middle to lower
economy. Examples of free medical treatment programs conducted by private
television parties in the framework of cleft lip surgery, cataract surgery with
the help of funds by the people of Indonesia are more capable in terms of
economics provide an extraordinary impact for recipients of assistance.

3.      Kartu
Indonesia Sehat (KIS)

KIS launched on
November 3, 2014 is a form of Healthy Indonesia program under the Government of
President Jokowi. This program ensures the poor people to get benefit health
services as implemented through the National Health Insurance (JKN) organized
by BPJS Health, expansion of PBI coverage including Social Welfare Problem
(PMKS) and Newborn Infants from participants of PBI Recipients, and Provide
additional benefits in the form of preventive services, promotive and early
detection carried out more intensive and integrated.


2.2.2  Laws
that Control Health Service Based on Pancasila

1.      UU
No. 23, 1992 about health determined that health is a everyone’s fundamental

Pasal 34 Ayat 2 determined that countries are
developing social security systems.

of Health No. 527/Menkes/Per/VII/1993 about health care insurance.


2.3  Discussion

Pancasila as the
foundation of the state of Indonesia must be recognized as the foundation in
the development of the country where in Pancasila there are characteristics of
the Indonesian nation that has been recognized from the past. there is no doubt
that Pancasila has a positive impact in improving health development.

as the creation of god,
we medical workers perform only tasks based on the divine majesty. because we
believe that every step we take is always a god that accompanies us. because
the nation of Indonesia has a variety of beliefs, does not mean we as citizens
are also different principles in running the value of Pancasila. health workers
who recognize even understand with the divine concept of the omaha will always
work with full sense of responsibility and morals with a straight heart always
serve the community well.

a government that
understands the concept of Pancasila must lead its people wisely, and not abuse
the power it has for the sake of personal interests. the government that
carries the values of Pancasila will also act justly towards the community, not
prioritizing a group above other classes, therefore both the poor and the rich
they get health care as a whole and fair.










3.1     Conlusion

health can be
interpreted as a state of a person who both mentally and physically do not
experience interference. good health is one of the goals of the Indonesian
nation. Pancasila as the basis of the state certainly has a positive impact in
the development of health. the relationship between Pancasila and health is if
the values contained in Pancasila is able to be applied properly by the entire
nation of Indonesia, then the development will go well as expected that cause
health services in Indonesia will continue to increase to be able to prosper
the entire citizens of Indonesia .

3.2     Advice

roles of the government are expected to be implemented in accordance with
applicable regulations, so that health services will be better implementation.
the positive impact of Pancasila values that support the development in the
field of health is expected to be applied in everyday life so that the nation
of Indonesia can achieve a healthier Indonesia


















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