Forged in the novel it is the most

   Forged by Fire shows child abuse and the real effects. In the state of Ohio, where the story is taken place, child abuse happens to more than 78,000 children.There is more than one problem mentioned in the book, I believe child abuse is the most important. I chose this topic because it was explained in full detail in the book.It shows how the characters are affected by it and how they deal with the effects. By reading this book children who are being abused may learn how to cope with it. Another reason why I chose abuse was because in the novel it is the most mentioned. In my opinion child abuse in the book Forged by Fire is the biggest problem and the most relevant.     Child abuse is a worldwide problem. There are many reasons why children are abused.  Parents being under stress is a major cause. Another reason is that some parents are  young and need someone to take their anger out on. It is also known that many who were abused or witnessed it as a child often become abusers. More than 48,000 children witness child abuse at home. Data has also shown that most children from the age 10 to 12 are abused at home. It can occur to anyone and can happen in different forms, such as, emotionally, physically, sexually, and more.Abuse can affect your life in many ways. When someone is being abused they sometimes can grow up with many different type of problems. For example they can start smoking  or drinking at a young age. They may experience depression of even attempts of suicide. Sometimes there are signs being shown. If a child is being abused they will mostly not complain because they are afraid of the punishment. Also when a child is being abused they have bruises on them and they don’t talk about what has happened to them. One out of 20 children are abused every year and more than 30,000 cases are about child abuse .     The issue shown in Forged by Fire  is that Angel Sparks and Gerald  Nickelby  are being abused. Their so called father, Jordan Sparks, hits and hurts them. He has molested Angel many times and has given Gerald many scars and bruises. Jordan Sparks takes his anger out on his family because her can’t handle his own problems .Because Angel was abused she was a very shy girl and used dancing to let all the pain go away.  Gerald, her big brother always tries to protect her from Jordan. Angel has such a bad past with Jordan, that she would try to stay away from him but it never worked. When Angel first met Gerald she was shy and was wearing full on black clothes. She wore this so that no one could see her bruises. She was afraid to tell  anyone because she was only 6 years old. Gerald though wanted to convince Angel to  let him tell someone.  She was  being hurt by Jordan and he didn’t want Angel to get hurt anymore. The outcome of all of this was the Jordan Sparks was turned in and was sentenced to 6  to 10 years. After he was released from jail Jordan returned home and continued  to be  abusive and this time Angel and Gerald were in even more pain.  Jordn Sparks wanted to do things his way and that cost him his life.         The problems in  Forged by Fire are very realistic . The problems that are shown throughout the book happen to people in real life. It is so realistic because the things that had happened to Angel and Gerald are reported everyday. In the book Gerald wonders why his life is like this. Many kids who go through this problem may wonder the same thing. More than 3.6 million children are put in protective services because they are being abused at home. I think that it would be more but just like Angel and Gerald they were afraid to tell someone.  Because they were young when this happened to them I believe that it is not their fault they were  afraid to tell someone. The book handled this  problem  as it should be done in the real world. Even though Angel and Gerald were afraid to tell someone they did. Their bravery helped them find someone to help them get Jordan Sparks in jail and someone to help them get through the rough times.   In conclusion Sharon Draper shows the effects of child abuse very well. During my research I learned that abuse is worldwide and affects many children and their families. Abuse comes in many forms and is not okay. Children who are abused tend to be shy and hide the abuse. Abuse affects people differently. Sometimes the abused child becomes abusive to others or the abused child grows strong and finds a way to escape the abuse.