Formal educatioon should not come to an end after college Essay

Formal educatioon should not come to an end after college Education is power. It is not just important to go to college and take that as the end. It is only a means to an end. In a fast changing world like ours, one can not rule out the place of innovations in all fields of human endeavor.

Everyday and overtime, science and technology improve and penetrate very profession like a huge hurricane that can not be stopped. If a man does not want to carried away and loose relevance in this context, he can not restrict himself to the education acquired in college. [S]He needs o simply update: this is the essence of enrolling in courses during a life time.Great people who have become relevant in their field of endeavor have learnt that knowledge does not end in college. Learning is life-long event; it is for a lifetime. The day a man stops learning is the day he starts to decay, and loss of relevance to this world takes a geometric drop; contributions made to career plummet. This emphasizes the importance of continual education scheme even in one’s field of endeavor.

Molecular medicine and genetics seems to be the order of the day, and have become major investigation tools to reach appropriate diagnosis in medicine. This places doctors who learnt less useful and archaic methods of mere laboratory culture and microscopy on their toes in the face of these innovations that has greatly eased diagnosis, and treatment module. For those who understand, they enroll in appropriate courses [e.

g. laboratory medicine] and acquire current information on how to become better physicians.Besides, it is not importance to be solely restricted to a particular field, and work within the concomitant monotony.

This implies that diversification makes the difference between a great doctor and a good one. The former understand that better interaction and communication wih patient is the hallmark of medicine; as such he takes time out to learn communication skills and even update his knowledge on issues that he daily encounters with clients/patients. This would set him/her apart and give him a distinguished place in midst of others who have refused to learn beyond the books of the lab work and hospital work.

He would better relate with everybody including patients, and some of their problems that are even communication based are easily resolved.The importance of enrolling in formal education outside college can not be overemphasized. The aforementioned points have duly affirmed that.