Formation of Sacred Writings Essay

Formation of Sacred Writings

The Sacred Writings are what we call now as the Bible, being developed by different writers. However, the gist of the Bible is the fact that it is a journal of what had happened years ago. It was from the time of Abraham, down to Moses and his successors.

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In history, they don’t have the luxury of preserving their important events. Hence, they write it in a very thin paper called the papyrus. It is so thin that if it got wet, then all the writings would automatically be erased.  During the time of Abraham, the people of Israel had been held bondage by the Egyptian. Their Pharaoh maltreated the Israelites. It was then their situation for so long. Even until the time of Moses, the same situation continued. However Moses was a lucky boy then. When he was still a child, the Egyptians, by command of the Pharaoh, scanned the whole Israel to kill all male children, from infant to young adult. So Moses’ mother put him inside the basket and let it flow on the river, which luckily got stranded among the reeds at the Queen’s garden and bathe area.  The queen found him and took care of him. Thus he grew up in the palace. But having seen his fellow Israelites suffer, he felt that he had the need to liberate them from the wicked Pharaoh. Thus he left the palace, with the intervention of the Lord God; he led the Israelites to the land of Canaan. It was there in Mt. Sinai that God showed to him the Ten Commandments, engraved one by one with His hand, on a stone tablet. This is important since the Pentateuch (the first 5 Books) has also been taken into account that time.

The 10 Commandment served as an agreement by God and his people. All were of Biblical references; however some liberal theologians nowadays have their own views and explanation over the matter which created some stir into the minds of the readers. But  if your really are a follower of the Christian faith, you don’t need to confuse your mind of what has happened over the past because faith is believing from your heart and not from what you can see literally.