Forrest Gump Essay

A. Title of the movie: FORREST GUMP Director: Robert Zemeckis Principal/Major Actor/Actresses: Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump: though at an early age he is deemed to have a below average IQ of 75, he has endearing character and devotion to his loved ones and duties, which brings him into many life-changing situations. Robin Wright as Jenny Curran: Gump’s childhood friend who he quickly falls in love with, and never stops loving throughout his life. Gary Sinise as Second Lieutenant Dan Taylor: Gump and Bubba’s platoon leader during the Vietnam War, whose ancestors have died in every American war.

Mykelti Williamson as Benjamin Buford “Bubba” Blue: Bubba is Gump’s friend whom he meets upon joining the Army. Sally Field as Mrs. Gump: Forrest’s mother, who raises him after his father abandons them. Haley Joel Osment as Forrest Gump, Jr. : Forrest and Jenny’s son. Peter Dobson as Elvis Presley: a house guest Forrest encounters. Dick Cavett as himself. Sam Anderson as Principal Hancock: Forrest’s elementary school principal. Geoffrey Blake as Wesley: A member of the SDS group and Jenny’s abusive boyfriend.

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Siobhan Fallon Hogan as Dorothy Harris: The school bus driver who drives both Forrest, and later his son, to school. Sonny Shroyer as Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant: Forrest’s football coach of the University of Alabama. Grand L. Bush, ConorKennelly, and Teddy Lane Jr. as the Black Panthers: Members of an organization that protests against the Vietnam War, President Lyndon B. Johnson, and anti-black racism. Movie Company:Paramount Pictures B. A beginning statement or comment, attractive and interesting; catching the reader’s attention. “Forrest Gump” is one of the best movies of all time, guaranteed.

I really just love this movie and it has such a special place in my heart. The performances are just so unforgettable and never get out of your head. The characters, I mean the actors turned into them and that’s what got to me. The lines are so memorable, touching, and sometimes hilarious. This movie is incredible and should be seen by everyone. I am not kidding; “Forrest Gump” is a remarkable movie and inspires everyone. It’s not just about someone stupid who happens to be in great places and historic events just because of being in the right place at the right time.

This story is beautiful and will inspire everyone to go the distance and see the world like Forrest did and will never give up on their dreams. C. A Statement of an over-all impression of the movie. At first, when I didn’t watch the movie yet. I think that this movie is seems nothing at all andI always wondered if this movie is great because my classmates in my high school years always thought me to watch this. After 4 years that have past, our professor in college have a film viewing for us and this is the movie Forrest Gump. Actually, that professor I’m talking about is Ma’m Dalmacio.

I am very thankful to him that we watched this because I’ve learned a lot from this film. One of thisas we all knowmany mentally disabled people are less aware of other people?s feelings and attitudes. Forrest is pretty good at this and therefore I would say that he is an authentic presentation of a very bright, analytical intelligent mind with a limited verbal output. Add to this his witty humour and he seems more intelligent than many people with a high IQ! II. Summary The film begins as he waits at a bus stop, Forrest Gump starts recounting his life story to nearby strangers.

His story starts with the leg braces he had to wear as a child, which resulted in him being bullied by cowardly children. He lives with his mother, who tells him that “stupid is as stupid does”. Forrest teaches one of their guests, a youngElvis Presley, a hip swinging dance. At school, Forrest meets Jenny, with whom he immediately falls in love, and they become best friends. Forrest discovers that he can run very fast which, despite his below average intelligence, earns him a scholarship to the University of Alabama after being spotted by Bear Bryant.

While in college, he witnesses George Wallace’s Stand in the Schoolhouse Door and is named to the All-American football team, and meets President John F. Kennedy. After graduating, Forrest enlists in the Army, where he becomes friends with Benjamin Buford “Bubba” Blue, and they agree to go into the shrimping business together. They are sent to Vietnam, and when their platoon is ambushed, Forrest saves many of the men in his platoon, including platoon leader 2ndLt. Dan Taylor, but Bubba is killed. Forrest himself is injured and awarded the Medal of Honor by President Lyndon B. Johnson.

While recovering from his injuries Forrest sees Dan Taylor, who has had both legs amputated and is furious at Forrest for leaving him a “cripple” and cheating him out of his destiny to die in battle just as his ancestors had died in every single American War. In Washington, Forrest is swept up in an anti-war rally at the National Mall and is reunited with Jenny, who is now part of the hippie counterculture movement. They spend the night walking around the capital, but she leaves with her abusive boyfriend the following day. Forrest discovers an aptitude for ping pong and begins playing for the U.

S. Army team, eventually competing against Chinese teams on a goodwill tour. He goes to the White House again and meets President Richard Nixon who provides him a room at the Watergate hotel, where Forrest inadvertently helps expose the Watergate scandal. For his numerous accomplishments, Forrest is invited onto the Dick Cavett Show. He again encounters Dan Taylor, now an embittered drunk living on welfare. Dan is scornful of Forrest’s plans to enter the shrimping business and mockingly promises to be Forrest’s first mate if he ever succeeds.

Using money from a ping pong endorsement, Forrest buys a shrimping boat, fulfilling his wartime promise to Bubba. Dan keeps his own promise and joins Forrest as first mate. They initially have little luck; but, after Hurricane Carmen destroys every other shrimping boat in the region, the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company becomes a huge success. Having had an epiphany during the hurricane, Dan finally thanks Forrest for saving his life. Forrest then returns home to care for his ailing mother, who dies soon afterwards. Forrest leaves the company in the hands of Dan, who invests heir wealth in shares from Apple, making them both millionaires. Jenny returns to visit Forrest and stays with him. Forrest asks her to marry him, but she declines and slips away early one morning. Distraught, Forrest decides to go for a run, which turns into a three-year coast to coast marathon. Forrest becomes a celebrity and attracts a band of followers. One day he stops suddenly and returns home. He receives a letter from Jenny asking to meet, which brings him to the bus stop where he began telling his story. Once he and Jenny are reunited, Forrest discovers they have a young son, also named Forrest.

Jenny reveals that she is suffering from an unknown virus. She proposes to him and he accepts. They return to Alabama with Forrest Jr. and marry, but Jenny dies soon after. Forrest waits with Forrest Jr. for the bus to pick him up for his first day of school. As the bus drives away, Forrest sits on the same tree stump where his mother sat on his first day of school and watches his mother’s feather bookmark float off in the wind. III. Critique Evaluation, comments to clarify what was explain in the introduction. a) Positive aspects The movie stresses the importance of family, friendship, and loyalty.

Some historic events and figures are questioned, but generally not in too much detail. Serious issues like child abuse and war are dealt with. Forrest, through his extreme naivety and big heart, seems to bring out the best in people. He stumbles into much of his good luck serendipitously, but he also works hard and devotes himself to whatever he’s focused on. Other characters have more complex motivations and back stories — and sometimes fall victim to their own personal demons — but Forrest helps keep them pointed in the right direction. b) Negative aspects

I don’tlike when young Forrest has rocks thrown at him by some bullies. There are also some fistfights and an explosive/bloody Vietnam War combat scene. The scene in which young Jenny hides from her abusive father is disturbing, as are a couple of major characters’ deaths. Jenny works as a stripper at one point. No nudity, but there’s one scene of foreplay and a non-explicit scene in which two adult characters make love. A central character takes lots of drugs during one part of the movie, with cocaine visible. Other characters drink, sometimes to numb pain/anger. c) Significant remarks

Several times in the movie Forrest Gump or his Mother exclaim that “life is a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get. ” This famous remarks also describes FORREST – it serves up an abundance of surprising treats, sometimes sweet and sometimes bitter. A box of chocolates is all positive – we may like some more than others but there are no stones inside. That is a positive mental attitude that expects and looks only for good in life and other people and finds it as a constant surprise. That is Forrest’s mentality or world view. IV. Conclusion ; Recommendation The music in this movie is incredible.

It’s like hearing the sixties. Few movies have made me laugh so hard, and few have made my eyes so inclined to tear up. In my opinion, this movie is nothing short of a masterpiece. Brilliant cinematography, great acting, and a wonderful story that ties together two decades are some of the reasons that this movie soared. But the real appeal is in the title character, brilliantly portrayed by Tom Hanks. As we watch Forrest in this movie, we remember to slow down and enjoy the finer things in life. We appreciate the importance of faith and love. We learn that “squares” are often really wonderful people.

Most importantly, Forrest speaks for the many in society who have so much to offer but are shunned because they are not especially smart or coordinated. The people who sit on the sidelines, the wallflowers at the school dances, the kids who always get picked last for sports. Sometimes, the greatest wisdom and kindness is found in those with the weakest minds and bodies. So reach out to those who are “different;” don’t reject them. Watch this movie about this amazing man who may be found in someone in your very own neighborhood, and dare to see the world through the eyes of Forrest Gump.