Fort Hamilton Honors Essay

Hamburg’s code of law followed the old saying of “an eye for an eye,” or if you poke someone’s eye out, your eye shall be poked out as well for the sake of being fair and just. (http://en. Wisped. Org/wick/ One law from Hamburg’s codes of laws states that “If she has not borne him children, then her mistress may sell her for money. ” This law is terribly unjust because a person’s life is priceless and should not be sold to anyone no matter how horrific the crime.

This law is also considered unfair because if woman is unable to bare children, it may be due to medical reason rather than personal reasons. (http://caw. Evansville. Due/anthology/ Hamburg. HTML) One other law stated in Hamburg’s codes of law says “If a son strikes his father, his hands shall be hewn off. ” Although one might agree that a child should never strike his or her parents, there is sure to be a better way to discipline a child other than to hewn off their hands.

Hewing off a child’s hands is way beyond child abuse, and will give the child a reason to have everlasting hate for his or her parents. Another law from Hamburg’s code of law states that, “If it kill the son of the owner the son of that builder shall be put to death. ” This law like all other laws of Hamburg is unjust and cruel. It demonstrates Hamburg’s strong belief in the saying, “an eye for an eye. ” The death of one’s son could’ve been influenced by weather, which would’ve effected the building in which the son was killed by.

Hamburg’s laws that followed the saying of “an eye for an eye,” can be elated to modern day Mesopotamia. Although the penalties for one’s crime aren’t as harsh as it was during Hamburg’s ruling, laws still follow the concept of “an eye for an eye. ” An example of this is when one steals, he shall be imprisoned.