Fox Hunting Essay

                                                  Fox Hunting            I must take a stand against the cruel activity of fox hunting.  Not only is it cruel but it most certainly isn’t an event where anyone should be enjoying themselves, while they watch as a fox is released and chased by several dogs for several hours while the poor fox is especially helpless, while he runs around the area, feeling sheer terror of the sudden torture that is ready to be inflicted upon him.            It is indeed a very natural instinct for a dog to chase a fox and it certainly happens in nature frequently.  There’s not a big issue, on my part, with that natural daily occurrence, but the fact that a fox is captured by humans, with pure ill intentions against the little fox and then released eagerly to the pack of hungry dogs, is just simply very unacceptable to me and should be to everyone.

            Many people argue that the population of foxes in certain areas need to be controlled.  I don’t see how the act of torturing a poor fox for a long period of time, until he is cruelly killed by being ripped apart, greatly impacts the decrease of the population of their breed.            It seems as though many uncaring people are just thrilled by the mere sight of a defenseless animal, like the fox, being chased until he is torn into pieces.  I would hate to think that I could accept such behavior as being in any way decent.  I would have to question whether or not I was in any way, to be considered by mankind as a decent human being.

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            Fox hunting is often called a sport.  A sport should be considered a fun game of ball or golf, not an act of taking a life so cruelly and uncaringly.  I don’t see how this act could fall into such a category that could possibly be considered a sport.  A sport  should only be considered a term used for physical games that don’t cause the death of a helpless and defenseless animal.            Some fox hunters will say that they are performing a deed that is beneficial to the community by removing the foxes from the area and getting rid of some of their population.

  I hardly believe that these foxes are hunted and killed because society is so concerned with overpopulating an area.  I would rather think that they simply enjoy the horrible event in watching the animal fight for his life, and then they watch as its life ends so unnecessarily.  I can’t imagine hearing the shouts of laughter and joy, as the fox runs for his life.            I should seek out other citizens who believe, as I do, that this sport should be ended promptly and the killing of the foxes must be looked into and banned, once and for all!            If you will look at photos of the foxes, you can easily perceive that these little animals have absolutely no reason to be treated in this awful manner.

  They are wild animals, just like any other, trying to survive in the wilderness as nature intended for them.            Because they are not tamed, and run in the wild, does not give any man a reason to capture them and use them as an object of pleasure for their own demented minds.  The fox should be left alone in the wilderness, where nature can take care of the overpopulation, as it sees fit.            Cruelty to animals in the last 10 years, has been well publicized and fought against, by residents around the world and often by famous people who can expose these cruel events, such as fox hunting, and give the people the facts about what is going on under their noses.            It’s hard for me to believe that fox hunting is accepted by anyone, and I’m surprised that so many people take part in the event of fox hunting.

            Farmers, it is said, by Marion Daily, (2004, p.18) have a great need to reduce the population of the foxes, as they kill off and injure their farm animals, but that is a natural instinct for the fox, just as it a natural instinct for the farmer to eat the farm animals.  The farmer must not think it acceptable to hunt the fox.            We should voice our concerns even louder about the cruel treatment to the foxes and make sure that someone who can make some important changes, is listening to our strong concerns.            It’s sad that some spectators, who enjoy watching the fox hunt, remark that they enjoy the chase of the hunt, rather than the kill.  How anyone can sit through something so cruel and say that they enjoy it?  It is simply just pathetic.  It shows a person of no decent or moral conscious, and I would think that a person with that type of indecent mindset is capable of many other horrible and fatal attacks upon animals or possibly humans..

            “It is no secret, however, that the event is enjoyed by many excited spectators“, says Bill Smith, (2004, p23), but that shouldn’t be any reason for this deplorable occurrence to remain acceptable to any human being, in any area of the world, great or small.            It should be up to each community to ban the cruel fox hunts and carefully see to it that anyone involved in such an activity is punished.            For anyone who would argue that fox hunting is a fun sport, declaring that they believe in the circle of life, where nature reduces its population by the weakest link being eaten, then they should consider that they have no right in that part of the circle that does not, in any way, concern them.  By offering up the terrified foxes as pawns in the game of death, one is not, in any fashion, contributing to the grand circle of life, but tarnishing it.            Murder upon the fox population is a huge concern to me, and I ask everyone to take their part in protecting these little animals and by standing up and letting their voices and opinions be heard, and acted upon.  It should be heard that fox hunting is cruel and unnecessary, by all means.

            Animal activists should televise many of these fox hunts, to ensure that the people see exactly what is going on in our world.  It would be horrible to watch, but just think of the many little foxes that would gain their life because of this publicized exposure.  I think it would greatly reduce the number of foxes that are chased and killed, every year and it would send a message that this chase and hunt will no longer be looked over as just a simple sport to be viewed on Sunday.            I feel sorry for the fox population, and I will continue to do my part in protecting the foxes and voicing my own opinion and maybe with help from others, the foxes will have a better chance of survival in the years to come.

            The fox is a very beautiful and fantastic animal that should be admired for their cunningness and displayed as a beautiful animal of the wild; one that needs to be protected from its biggest enemy; Man!(Daily, Marion, 2004,             The Farm, Wildlife and News, p. 18)(Smith, Bill, 2004, The Sly Fox, Outdoor Life, p.23)