Franchising ‘Existing Ones’ New Initiatives Essay

Introduction: Existing Franchise            This presentation is about the second option of the three options Alan had opened in the board meeting.  That is, ‘to develop new product or service to exploit our current network’, which can be seen also as finding new initiatives to existing franchises.  Give and Care might not be satisfied with its current condition and have thought of expanding the business; that is either to just maintain the current level of the business, to develop a new product or service to make the most the current business, and the third option would be to go overseas.            The main focus of this report is on the expansion of the business through existing franchise and what initiatives should be tested and why this initiatives be tested.New Initiatives on Plant Care            For Give and Care to choose the second option, expansion through existing franchise, as mentioned earlier, there is a need to find and test new initiatives to further develop the plant business.

  Listed below are some of these initiatives that can be engaged in the management of the business franchise.1.      The Give and Care can clone plants.  This can be done through scientific procedures.

  This might be expensive and will cost the company more money at first, but if found successful; the company can buy itself the equipments and technology needed for cloning plants (Deitz, 2007).  This may then increase the number of produced plants in large amount and lesser maintenance compared to planting new ones (such as looking at the plant during it’s first day until it is ready to be sold).2.      There is another option if this is not feasible.  The Give and Care can rather clone their best employees on the plant field.  That is to find people, with backgrounds and great knowledge on this field, and how did they come up with this ethics (McIntyre, 2005).

  This can be used for the search for the next or additional employees in the business.  This can both improve the quality of the plant and the production of plants.  This can be done through a sort of hiring process.  Standards should be set after knowing the skills and knowledge an employee must possess in this job.  In this field of business, those who had background knowledge and have applications previously learned from other sectors are more suitable than those applicants which familiarize on different professions.  Training processes will also of big help.

  Train them the proper way how to manage and care for the plants.  This will result to better production and will then earn more money on the Give and Care profit.3.      Produce and develop new breed of plants or flowers and fertilizers.  New breed of plants or flowers can be developed.  There are many ways to do this.

  Give and Care can produce hybrid plants or flowers that will sound new to the ears of the customers and will be the conscious of how do these new breed of plants look like (Norris, 2005).  In this way, there will be more products of plants and flowers to choose from.  This will be an add-on to the usual knowledge of the customers of Give and Care.  By doing this, there will be no place for the customers to get rid of seeing same colors and structures of plants and flowers.  Producing and finding fertilizers that would trigger the growth of plant in a shorter time would be a great discovery.  This will then increase the production due to the shortened time of growth.  Also, expenses on the maintenance would be lesser (e.

g. lesser water supply needed).  Attacking the customers will be a best resource.  Through this, being popular to the customers, then franchisees are at a glance, knocking at your company’s door, with their money at hand, trying to buy franchise and become part of the company.4.

      Give and Care can also grasp some technologies, architects and stylists for new designs (Market, 2006).  The trademark of the Give and Care is one of the reasons why they had been famous on the business.  When the customers see this trademark, they can say “Oh, this came from Give and Care.  It’s of good quality.

  Better have one.”  See how the trademark had an impact?  Creating new design does not entail to the company’s trademark but of the advertisement of the products.  For the plants and flowers advertisements perhaps, or the design displayed in front of the offices and warehouse of Give and Care.  Lets say for example, if there was a large gardener figure in the front of the company’s office wearing the striped shirt of black and white, changing its clothes with different color while still holding that grass cutter would caught attention and interest to franchisees and even to customers.ReferencesDeitz, J 2007, ‘Why You Should Consider Buying an Operating Franchise’, viewed 13 April 2007, <>.Market E C 2006, ‘The Body Shop – Body and soul’, viewed 13 April 2007, <>.McIntyre, R 2005, ‘Eight steps to improve plant productivity’, viewed 13 April 2007, <>.Norris, M 2005, ‘Beefing Up’, viewed 13 April 2007, <>.