Freedom questions Essay


  The rights guaranteed by the Constitution may be suspended with an executive order.  Usually, it involves a national emergency where swift action is necessary such as an invasion by a foreign country, or national security threat.  Any rights lost can only be regained through a social and/or political revolution.

Once rights are lost, people eventually become accustomed to the situation until the burden becomes too onerous to bear.  History has shown that revolutions to gain rights are often drawn out and bloody (i.e. the War for Independence, the Civil War, and the Civil Rights Movement).2.  It is difficult to say where this generation is going.  As a group, reporters say that we are more patriotic than our parents and are more likely to commit to forming stable families, rejecting the disease potential of a “free love movement.

”  I am more inclined to believe that we will learn from the mistakes of the early twentieth century.  Millions have died because of rogue governments, including our own.  As we become more aware of the consequences of ignorance, we will take whatever steps necessary to limit the size and power of the government and empower individuals and small communities.3.   One clear instance where society is sacrificed for the individual is the current campaign in Iraq.  Many politicians have interests aligned with the oil industry, so they use American tax dollars for their own selfish financial agendas.

4.  There are three glaring examples of sacrificing individual rights for the so-called good of society: the removal and relocation of the American Indians, the African slave trade, and the income tax…illustrating America’s radical departure from its philosophy of freedom and individual rights.  Ironically enough, the politicians of the time believed that these atrocities contributed to a better society.