Freewrite on: metamorphosis, traveling sales job, family responsibilities Essay

Freewrite on: metamorphosis, traveling sales job, family responsibilities, responsibilities to self, alienation, repressed feelings, denial, release from responsibilitiesWhen I read these words and phrases, I started thinking about education. Two of the words really stuck out to me. These are family responsibilities and responsibilities to self. I was thinking about how they are sometimes the same thing, and many times they are very different. A responsibility I have to myself is to get a better education.

This is the responsibility to my family too because it is important to them that I go to the college. However, for other people, getting an education makes it impossible to be responsible for your family because they are busy all the time and cannot work very much. Making money is not the only responsibility someone has to their family though.

Being there when someone has a problem is important too. If you are studying all the time, you cannot do that. This might make a feeling of alienation in the family, especially if the other family members do not value education. They won’t understand why the education is so important. Then this alienation can lead to repressed feelings and denial too.

If your family does not understand why the education is so important, you might try to hide it from them. You can’t hide the education, but you can hide why you think it is important. You can pretend that you don’t really care about the college.For “release from responsibilities,” I cannot think of how someone can do that.

At first I thought first that going to school releases someone from responsibilities because the family will take care of everything at home. However, studying is a very big responsibility. If you are not in school, you have to work. If you do not work, you still have other responsibilities.

Many people do not work, but they are responsible for caring for children or cleaning the house. Even if you do not do these things, everyone has responsibilities. Someone will always count on you to do something. Even someone who is sick and cannot work or do anything else has a responsibility to the family and friends to talk to them and help with problems.