French Culture and Its Influence on Multinational Enterprises Essay

Abstract When conducting business in France there are many challenges to overcome, including the ethnocentrism of their cultural heritage and the long line of historical principles that play out in French society. Through research it was found that the French approach business in a style of-their-own with true class and flare. They set the stage with an extravagant business lunch, in order to get acquainted and then proceed into intellectual negotiations to iron out the details. In each area, it was found that the French are proud and hold true to protocols by exchanging formal greetings.Lunch plays an important part of their society and business, along with stimulating conversation in negotiations.

One must plan ahead and enjoy the French experience! French Culture and its Influence on Multinational Enterprises The Business Lunch Negotiations Conclusion The French are very aware of their presence, and are extremely proud of their heritage. They boast of their long history and their important roles in world affairs, as well as being known as a world center for culture.There are a few significant principles by which the French approach a business lunch and negotiations, along with a myriad nuances that can be difficult to understand without having experienced them first hand.

The most basic rules are to speak French or apologize for not speaking it well, be prepared to indulge in good food and good wine. After coffee is served, be prepared for a sophisticated, rhetorical and intellectual exchange during the negotiation process.Remember, before conducting business in France, it is highly advisable to do your homework and learn about French culture before one commits the famous “Faux Pau”! References Business in America (1991). Tradition plays an important role in the business culture of France.

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