French Cusine Essay

French food or cuisine is famous all over the world. The French people spend tremendous amounts of time perfecting their world famous cuisines. The French have an amazing technique when it comes to cooking and take preparation of food very seriously. To the French making food is a form of art which is considered very dynamic to their culture. The French’s commitment to their cuisines all of over France has put them on the top of world standard when it comes to cuisines around the world.

The culinary customs that have been perfected and developed over the history of the French have also added to the making of French cuisine into a highly cultured art. The French are responsible for the standard customs of serving dishes in separate courses. The custom is historical and called by the French service a la ruses. French Cuisine is known for its richness of taste and its sophisticated presentation. Eating well is of prime importance to most French people who tend to spend an amazing amount of time thinking about, talking about, and consuming food.

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Matter fact is remarkable how often the French talk about food. If you just sit next any group of French your 90% to hear some conversation about food. French cuisine is highly diverse with dishes or recipes originating from different regions with various climates and geographies. Geographies determine the ingredients grown in that region. Almost all of the popular French dishes were developed in the different regions because of the abundance and quality of the specific ingredients required per particular dish.

French meals range from basic servings like baguette, cheese and inexpensive wine, to more sophisticated meals involving courses of up to a dozen and different kinds of wines. The diversity of French cuisine as evidenced by the distinct dishes developed in different regions gave way to a variety of ways that French food may be enjoyed. Dishes from the French Mediterranean use herbs, tomatoes and olive oil, while Northeastern France cuisine mostly contains beer and sauerkraut because of its strong German influence. Good climate in the south allows them dominant use of fruits and vegetables.

Areas near the Atlantic coast use more sea food, while inland areas near rivers use fresh water fish. France cuisine hasn’t always been as sophisticated as it is . Before the 15th century, seasonings and decorations were used to disguise food that had spoiled. France had what you would consider today as peasant food, simple cost without extravagant sophistications. The 20th century French cuisine has evolved extensively; it brought dramatic changes in French cuisine as well. It was due to the influence of the work of skilled chefs who during their lifetimes have been held in high regard for contributions to the culture of the country.

The French dining and structure of meals is also very interesting. Dining in France is a leisure activity. It is not done in any fast food type of way. Matter facts French are people one of the major culture who highly are opposed to fast food. Instead dining is enjoyed with good company, pleasant conversation and relaxation. I guess French people don’t really get fat then. When it comes to a meal time everything is stop and the focus turns on that meal. Even they are driving on the road; they would pull over and have a picnic.

The meal structure is that in breakfast is often a quick meal consisting slices of French bread with jelly or jam, or a pastry filled with chocolate along with coffee or tea. During lunch time, they have one hour lunch break. In some smaller towns they take two hour lunch. Sunday lunches are often longer and are taken with the family. Restaurants normally open for lunch at noon and close at 2:30 pm. At diner often consists of three courses entree starting with soup, then the main course, and a cheese course or dessert, sometimes with a salad offered before the cheese or dessert. The meal is often accompanied by bread and wine.