Freud comapre and contrast Essay

These groups of theorists that use Freud as a starting point are insider Neo-Freudian. This is known as a group of American theorists during the mid-twentieth century that Freud influenced. The Neo Freudians took his theory as a starting point and turned it more into social or cultural direction. Freud is typically viewed as the father of psychology (Encroacher, 1953). Freud placed a lot of emphasis on the subconscious mind and how it drives us to do thing that we have no control over. Jung on the other hand, focused on behavior and how personality affects behavior.

Jung developed the concept of intro and extroverted personality types and how each rationality type made them interact with the world around them (Point, Suchfear). Karen Horned was one of the first female theorists in psychology. Horned thrived from the idea that neurosis was something that was developed as part of the coping process in their environment (Coolidge, Moor, Yamaha, Stewart, Seal, 2001). Freud believed that the neurosis behavior was due to the subconscious mind rather than what Horned stated about it being part of the coping process.

Adler who was the closest to Freud due to the fact they worked together, however did not mean that he agreed tit all of Fraud’s thoughts. Adler believed that motivation was derived from a child’s development to be exact Adler thought it was derived from the child wanting to overcome certain feelings of self-worth and inferiority (Overseers, 2010). Idler’s theory was in direct conflict with the thoughts of Freud. Fraud’s beliefs were that theory of motivation was due to one’s parental relationships and the subconscious mind that the person has no control over.

Lastly we get to Erikson; he developed the idea that concentrated mostly on the environment having an effect on the child when it comes to personality voltmeter. Erickson is the theorist that developed the psychosocial theory. This is in contrast with what Freud believed in because Erikson stated that humans develop their personality over their complete life span as to Freud said it is developed during early child hood (Encroacher,1 953). Neo Freudians believed that Freud concentrated way too much on pathology and did not do his complete study or research on empirical to support his ideas on pathology.

Freud did not mention how the environment impacted shaping people and their personalities. Neo Freudians used Fraud’s main ideas and expanded them. All the researchers are linked by one focus on the social approach of psychology. Without one of the theorist, they would not have been able to succeed the way they did. All of them are equally as important it was kind of like a ladder effect. Adler was the first to explore the theory of psychosocial; Adler was the first to explore the comprehensive psychosocial theory which included the ideal ideas of inferiority complex.

Jung followed where Adler left off by developing a more in depth theory of psychology involving more of one’s personality. Horned than went ahead and expanded the ideas to include feminism to include anxiety that would be derived from childhood or loneliness or even isolation. Erikson got his theory of psychosocial by studying Fraud’s idea of psychology with Fraud’s daughter Anna. There are many other psychologist and philosophers that came after and added many more meaningful conclusions to the study of psychology and the study of personality. You can see how ones thoughts lead to the beginning of another’s success.

Each theorist focused on different things for example Adler focused on social factors, Jung created his own society the International Psychoanalytic Association. Erikson focused on the behavior of children; Horned focused more on how the environment affected personality. Each of these focuses helped lead the future of our thoughts in psychology. In conclusion we can see that there are many comparisons and conflicts when it comes to psychology. One thing that can be agreed on is that all ideas derived from one place and that is the ideas of Freud. Everyone that used Fraud’s ideas as a basis are considered Neo Freudians.

Most of the molarities in the theorist’s ideas are the emphasis on the unconscious mind, early child hood experience and the defense mechanisms of the human. Some of the changes made to Fraud’s ideas were the increased emphasis on adulthood, ego functions and constructive behavior. Freud is considered the father of psychology because he laid out the idea and everyone else expanded and derived from his thoughts and theories. Each theorist played a huge role in the development of psychology the way we see it now a days. Each of the theorists had some comparisons and of course some conflicting Houghton in regards to Freud.