Friends and Friendship Essay

A really good forenoon to my beloved teacher. Pn. Fatirah Aziz and all my fellow friends. As you know. my name is Nurin Fatihah and I’m pleased to speak with you about a subject that is close and beloved to you. “Friends and Friendship” . In life. everyone will run into many people that say that they are your friend. But you will do merely a few true friends. What is a friend?

Friend is a individual capable of loving irrespective of whether he is being loved or non. Friendship can be between the same sex man-man. woman-woman or opposite sex man-woman. It transcends age and could exist between even an old adult male and a little male child. Human existences besides set up friendly relationship with their favored animate beings such as cats. Canis familiariss. Equus caballuss. doves and parrots. Friendship besides can be felt in familial relationship between male parent and boy. female parent and girl. hubby and married woman and besides brother and sister. Yet. more than friendly relationship. love is the adhering force in familial relationship.

A batch of people go through life with merely a few friends. It seems that some have less than that. They have no 1 to name in clip of demand and trouble. They are at the clemency of life. standing entirely.

Others seem to hold battalion of friends. Wherever they go people know them and wish to be around them. They know precisely the individual with whom to discourse the subjects of enquiry and argument. Life is full of entertaining relationship because it is full of friends.

Friendship is a approval and a friend is the channel through whom great emotional. religious and something even physical approvals flow. Friends can hearten us. when we are sorrowful or depressed. Friends can dispute us. when we allow ourselves to acquire beyond our sensible boundaries. Friend can actuate us when we are ready to give in. and they provide for us when life falls apart.

Proverb said. a friend loves at all clip. brothers is born for hardship. Therefore. Iwould like to rede all of you to concentrate on what you give to a friend. non what you can acquire out of a friendly relationship. If being happy is your lone motivation. for desiring person to be your friend. so you are non a existent friend. Don’t get caught up in maintaining checks on who has given the most in the friendly relationship. Give to your friend regardless of how much they give to you. Why non take a minute or two and thank person today for being a friend to you.

May God bless you with all the friends you need and turns you into a approval by utilizing you as the friend to other. Thank you.