From a recent film you have seen Essay

I compare my character with the nature of Chris Gardner, whose features were distinguished by Will Smith in the film the ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’.  It commences as a salesman trying to sell medical scanners of which he could not manage to get a living with, because they where expensive and not highly demanded by the medical market. His marriage was also on a string, while his bank account was broken flat. Having revealed this ‘story’, I somehow relate these events with my personal life.  My father passed away when I was still a teenager and that episode in my life gave me a hard shell that induces me to work harder to achieve my set goals. The fact that this film is based on a true story boosted me more to look at the bright sight of life and not to feel like a looser.  Like Chris Gardner, who was very capable in revealing how a caring father should be even during severe problems. For example after all the problems that perished, such as when his wife Linda left him for only showing her his ambition to become a stockbroker.  During such extremely thorny moments he managed to be of a stronger character, who even though he was told such words he demanded the custody of his son nevertheless, thus doubling the family hardships.  In my teenage years I also behaved similarly to such character.  Even though I faced the death of my father and other societal and family problems associated with such incident, I still worked hard in my studies, with the objective that one day I will be capable to enroll in a University.

The salient events of such film teach me that strength and courage are key variables to success.  Likewise it is important that a person is caring for his family, peers and colleagues throughout his entire life.  This personal yardstick makes me feel even better when I have tough moments during my life and aid me to take the most optimal decision at the case at hand. The impeccable character of Chris Gardner protected his son from the daily darkness and random misfortunes of homelessness.  Above all these problems and depressing moments of his life he still continued to fight and keep a smile to give some hope to his son.  I have never seen a man so authentic in a fatherhood role. But still the most unimpeachable part of this man is when he somehow managed to attend an interview with the stock broker’s firm.  Leaving behind his son and knowing that he has to be in time for queuing for shelter for the night and to keep it a secret from the employer so not to upload more dreary moments on his life and son.  All this makes me work harder in my studies so to achieve well results and assume a good employment and good family bondage.

I believe that I possess common features with the character of Chris Gardner presented in his film.  I strongly perceive that my commitment to my daily duties will help me a lot in my studies and even in my career as a manager in the nearby future.  After all, the work of a manager highly demands that such individual remains always calm and focus on his role even during severe problems.  Likewise it is important that he always threats his subordinates properly still during difficult instances, like Chris Gardner did with his son and wife.  We should remember that respect is not obtained from employees just for being of a higher authority at work, it is achieved by working for it and treating employees ethically and diligently.

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