From Communism to America: An Inspirational Story Essay

From Communism to America: An Inspirational StoryMy grandparents lived through Communism in China before they moved to Hong Kong where my father was born.

  I have often heard stories about Communism in China from my grandparents.  It seems that they never really got over the experience.  However, I believe that my grandparents related such horrific stories to me so that I may be even more grateful for the opportunity to study in the United States – the land of the free.     My grandparents lost their family in the days of Mao Zedong, whom my grandfather often referred to as the evil genius.  A lot of people died of starvation in that time period.  My grandparents always named the blessings of Hong Kong after relating some of the stories from their last experiences in China.  Moreover, they mentioned that my studies in America would be a turning point seeing that their bloodline would suddenly be free of the anguish that the remembrance of Communism in China brought, even if this freedom would be experienced only for a few years.  Perhaps they thought that my education in the United States would erase the anguish just a tad.

  After all, I could always go back to them from the United States to relate stories of freedom and justice – stories that could erase the anguish by helping their minds and emotions break free.  I believe that after my studies I may truly be able to help them escape the effects of the trauma that they experienced before my father’s birth.  Moreover, it appears to me that the anguish faced by my grandparents through Chinese Communism was similar in many ways to the Holocaust.     I further believe in freedom, and I trust in justice.  Hence, the idea that a leader could bring about such chaos and despair among a population sounds repulsive to me.  It is almostFROM COMMUNISM TO AMERICA: AN INSPIRATIONAL STORY                                                                                                       Page # 2unbelievable.  Still, I accept the fact that the horrific days of Communism in China did come about, and are finally over for my family as a whole.

  Furthermore, I cannot stop counting my own blessings, now that I can only relate to those horrific experiences of my grandparents with slight suspicion because in some ways, only seeing is believing, and I have seen too much positivity to truly believe in injustice.  This is because America believes in democracy and goodness for its people.  Additionally, the country has inspired me to continuing believing in goodness and justice throughout my lifetime.  So, although I believe in my grandparents’ words about their experiences in and away from Communism in China – it is difficult for me to digest why nobody ever stopped it while it was happening.     I have come to believe in the voice of the people.  Hence, I trust that if Communism or Nazism – in fact, anything of political severity – were to come about in a place I live in the future, I would react to the pain by trying to stop it along with other educated people around me.

  I have firm faith in the power of education to change the world.  Besides, the education in the United States is especially enlightening.  America does not tolerate injustice.  Therefore, my education in this wonderful country is expected to serve the political interests of my people back home – when and if my service is required to raise my voice against injustice toward my people.  America has additionally inspired me to observe my individual strengths.  I trust that if Mao Zedong – only one man – could create such chaos in a land nearly 9.57 million square kilometers in size; another man of greater if not equal human strength – inspired by goodness and justice – may defeat the evil presented through the evil genius.FROM COMMUNISM TO AMERICA: AN INSPIRATIONAL STORY                                                                                                       Page # 3     Freedom is always better than persecution, and freedom of religion and ideas is necessary to a nation.

  Without these, progress can become very difficult in the long term, even if an evil genius manages to temporarily subject the peoples to his doctrine through persecution.  I trust that goodness can overcome evil, and hence, evil and injustice do ultimately lead to loss.  Thus, the togetherness of educated people is crucial to existence, for it is these people alone that can eventually turn out to be more intelligent and better at strategy than an evil genius.  As a matter of fact, the world can save itself from all kinds of illnesses by educating more and more people at better and better academic institutions.  Unfortunately, everybody is not as fortunate as I for studying in one of the most advanced nations in the world.  All the same, I am glad that my experiences with my grandparents and American education have both worked together in inspiring me to take the challenge of helping people get an education.  Indeed, I would very much like to contribute to the field of education, no matter what else I do in life.

  I trust absolutely in education and its power to save countless people from suffering.  Wishing that more Chinese were educated in Communist China is out of the question.  Even so, I can wish to help people all over the world save themselves from suffering through an increase in literacy.  My education in the United States has been just the first step in my participation as a helper of my world.