From dude to daddy Essay

From dude to daddy

            I believe that there is always a certain point in one’s life that will somehow encourage or force, if it is the right word, to turn his back away from the life he had once loved. Some might change direction from left to right or onwards to backwards. It could be that some might think that it be better way to shift from luxurious to simple life while others strive to experience the other way around. In anyway we want, the choice is always left in our hands and the decision to follow certain track might be as simple as yes or no. But when it concerns life and family, there is really nothing so simple. I have never realized that this thing comes in every one’s life at certain points; until that certain momentous event happened in my life- that defining moment in my life when a baby boy was born out of me.

              They say most mothers consider becoming a mom as one of their greatest dreams, but as for me, I am not quite sure if guys like me really do. What I knew then was that I have everything I want in my life and I feel like I am one of the happiest lads in the world. For me, it is more than enough to have my mom and my dad around, having almost all of the latest gadgets in my own room and a few dollars in my wallet everyday. I can go out with the folks whenever and wherever I want and I do not have to worry about spending much of the money I have. There is always mom and dad to provide for me. Eat, drink, go to school, few hours with my computer, sleep and that is all my routine everyday. I feel like everything in life is as simple as ABC and 123. When I got older, finished school and landed on a well-paid job, nothing has changed. Life seems to be as free as a bird and as happy as the laughter of a hyena. I came to that point when I felt like a bachelor’s life is boring and so I decided to get someone to be with and few interesting things came my way. Besides mom and dad, there is my wife to be with, there’s someone who takes care of my things and someone to cook my favorite dishes. Life is as light as a feather and a dry leaf that goes with the blow of the wind. When my wife told me I am going to be a father soon, there was a certain unexplainable thing that came out of me at that very moment. Whether it is a sort of fear or excitement I do not really know. What I knew then was that there will be something new will come my way and I have to be prepared. So when my baby was born, everything in me has changed. From my point of view to my list of priorities my life has never been the same boring cycle. From being a happy-go-lucky dude, I am now a proud and responsible daddy.

            Dad was right. One of the most critical point in man’s life is that point when he decides to be a father, and when he does, it has to be a ninety degrees turn away from a dude’s life. When a man becomes a father, he will almost forget everything about himself because his focus will be much of the baby’s concern. I have these things proven true. Now I understand why dad had kept several videos of me from my birth to the time when I started uttering words, started crawling to the time I have learned to walk. Now I understand why mom has been so careful of my baby albums that we still have them intact at home until now. Now I know what do my grandparents and the family friends around the baby in those pictures mean with their big smiles.

There are both magic and miracle in a baby’s birth. I cannot explain how his smile, with just those gums and thin lips soothe my stressed body when I got home. There something in his little eyes, although he cannot yet see, that makes me feel like he is always looking after me. There is magic in his ears that even though he cannot yet understand, seem like he attentively listens to me. His little fingers and his weak arms amazingly provide enough courage to keep on striving. My son’s small legs magically assure me that we can stand together even in the midst of hardships.

Yes, having a baby entails another responsibility but the presence of this little angel is so inspiring. When my son was born, my self-centeredness instantly changed into my being a responsible person. I became more eager to go home and play with my son. We have frequent and lesser time with the dudes until I have noticed that I have no more time with them as time went on. When my son came into my life, I have seen life as a challenging playground where everyday is a battle between me and my family’s future. This is all because of the fact that it is not really that easy to leave the life I am used at before my son was born. It is not that easy to quit smoking and drinking and the little leisure I had before. It is quite hard to turn down not a few party invitations from a lot of friends. It is but hard to give few of my personal dreams just to give way to my son’s better future. I have conquered all of these with God’s help and with the inspiration provided by my baby. As my son gets older, I felt like being a real and complete person. If anyone will ever ask me what its like to have a son, I would recommend that they try having one and see life in a different horizon.

My dad was probably the person who has provided the most accurate comparison of what it’s like to have a son. To have the one of the toughest decisions in man’s life to get married is what makes a guy a real man, but it takes a son for this man to be a father. Having a family is another serious career and it is a career that any man should never give up. To be a father is a lifetime career where men learn a lot of life’s lessons. When my son was born is the defining moment in my life. It is more than winning a lottery, more than owning a Rolls Royce and it is far more than sleeping in the bed of luxury. When my son was born, I have learned the lessons of life the hard way. It took a lot of sacrifices and pains to have few great things in my hands but since it is for my son, I had all these things accepted with a smile.

Having a baby posed a lot of questions in my mind. If having a son turned me into a responsible person, then what are those drunkards in the streets doing there? If having a son is a treasure, then why are there parents who leave their babies in the orphanage or worse, just dump them in the trash like a worthless creature. Well, they have all the reasons of doing so but as for me, I will never exchange my son with anything. If it all it takes to be a responsible father is to exchange everything for a son, I am more than willing to give up everything for the sake of my son. If you think this is insanity, try examining the life of those who have been together for long and yet had never a baby of their own. You see, they commonly have all the capacity to provide everything for a baby and for a lot more babies but were not given the chance to provide for even just one. Money cannot buy happiness especially the one brought about by having a son. My son made me and my wife real parents and it is my son who made this house a home.

My son’s birth is a celebration of my manhood and the beginning of my fatherhood. My son’s birth is a celebration of this house turning into a real home. My son’s birth is a thanksgiving day for the Lord who had entrusted me with this great responsibility of raising a son into a God-fearing man like I have never been before. My son’s birth marked the turning point in my life: that defining moment in my life where I have chosen to turn away from being a dude to become a proud daddy.