Frost and Thomas Comparison Essay

The poems ‘Mending Wall’ and ‘New year’ written by Robert Frost and Edward Thomas are both similar in the idea that they both revolve around encounters. Both poems have many similarities in their presentation and ideas but are also very contrasting. Both have encounters, presented in different ways, some of the key ideas however remain the same in both. Both poets have very contrasting ideas on what these encounters are and what they represent. Form/Structure The New Year, by Edward Thomas, is a tightly structured poem which is written in a regular rhyme scheme.

There is a sense of rhythm to it as tension is built up during the writers encounter with this mysterious man. There is almost a sense of something sinister being at work as the encounter takes place. The structure of the poem helps to build up this idea of tension and to create a sense of mystery with the reader.

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Mending Wall by Robert Frost on the other hand is written in blank verse. It is written almost as a narrative piece as the writer talks us through what he is doing in regards to this wall. It is almost like he is telling the reader a story in his description of the wall and his views on it.He is taking the reader on a journey with him as he walks along next to it, questioning its uses. He forces the reader to think about what it is for and what deeper meaning walls contain.

The structure of the poem helps Frost to do this as the story like narrative helps him to make his point to the reader and force them to think about the matter. Tone The New Year is written in a way such that there is a real sense of mystery about the poem and the situation the protagonist finds himself in. There is a sense that there may be something sinister about the stranger that is involved in the encounter through the way that he is described.He is made to seem almost non-human, there is a supernatural quality given to him through the tone in which the poem is written. There is a sense of tension built up throughout through not only the structure of the poem but also the sinister tone that it is written in. There is tension and mystery built up throughout. Mending Wall is written in a very contrasting tone New Year, as it is written in a very contemplative manner.

As he takes the reader on his journey with him along the wall, he is able to make numerous philosophical points about