FRQ Klemens Von Metternich Essay

He helped create the Congress of Vienna, a conference f ambassadors of European states chaired by Austrian statesman Klemens that was held in Vienna from September 1814 to June 1815. At the Congress of Vienna they worked t o help restore the borders of France after Napoleon’s reign. During Napoleon’s reign ideas of liberalism and nationalism were spread throughout Europe and the Congress of Vienna created the Concert of Europe to help restore France to the thoughts and ide als of before Napoleon’s reign.

Klemens disliked liberalism and wanted to restore France to its preenlighten ment state. So Klemens gathered with other ministers and representatives with sim ilar goals, such as reestablishing French borders. They discussed ways to achieve their goals and eventually created the Congress of Vienna. The Congress of Vienna’s goal was to restore France’s borders and reinstate the Ideals of before the Enlightenment. They did this by creating the the Concert of Europe, to help reinstate France to the ideas from before Napoleo n’s reign.

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The Congress of Vienna wanted to restore order and stability after the wars d uring Napoleon’s reign. Louis 18th was chosen as ruler of Franceit being an absoluti st state once more. However, he was bland and boring compared to the great Napoleon. S o, they did not seek reparation from France, merely watching them with a cautious eye. Fran ce was forced back to 1792 borders before the expansion that Napoleon had created and th e territories he had conquered. Despite this, the four great countries still needed something t o gain after the hardships they had fought to capture Napoleon.

So, the low countries were di vided in order to reate “border states” which provided a buffer between France and the Other nations. Thus the Netherlands were created. During Napoleon’s reign ideas of liberalism and nationalism were spread thro ughout Europe. To stop the spread of enlightenment ideas, The Concert of Europe wa s founded, thanks to the powers of Austria, Prussia, the Russian Empire and the United K ingdom.