Functionality doing a regular backup for example once



RAM Failure: Ram
failure can be caused by the RAM not being seated properly into the
motherboard. Therefore this can cause the RAM not to work correctly and can
cause error messages such as beeping. Solution: The
solution to the problem is to make sure that the ram is sat into its socket
properly and secured into place also checking in the bios that the ram is
actually displaying its correct capacity.

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Data Loss: Data
loss can occur when the hard drive becomes faulty or corrupted. It can cause
people to lose their important computer data such as photos, music, videos and
more. Causes for this can be the hard drive corrupts, the cable to connect the
hard drive to the motherboard might not be connected properly or the cable
could be damaged. Solution: The solution
to the problem is to run a defragment on the hard drive on a regular basis so
that it keeps all the data together rather than scattered across the system.
Also doing a regular backup for example once a week to a hard drive that isn’t
inside the computer would also help to protect you data. In case accidently
deleted or corrupted or even lost in a public place or if the computer gets

System Freezing & Slow PC:  A computer system can start
to freeze when there are too many tasks running at once and this combined with
the lack of speed of RAM and Processor power. Can be the main contributing
factor to the computer system that you are using to become slow and crash. Solution: The solution to the problem is to make sure that the ram is
working correctly and the processor and make sure that you have enough
computing power for the tasks that you wish to perform. Such as gaming,
watching movies or typing documents. 

Overheating:  A computer system may start to overheat
when the computer is trying to run too many tasks at once this can cause system
overload which could then cause damage to the computer or even corrupt data.
Another contributing factor to this could be if the computer airflow system /
cooling system isn’t working correctly. For example the fan could be running to
slowly or to fast therefore not giving the system the correct amount of cool
air flow to stop the components overheating. Solution: The solution to the problem is that you check the fans /
cooling system is working correctly by removing any dust or dirt from the fans,
checking they spin freely without any whining noise. You will also need to
check that the fan speed is set correctly or to the setting where it can adapt
depending on the temperature.

Error Messages: When a computer shows an error message is
usually states the problem that needs to be fixed such as a hard drive failure
and may also give you an error code to search up to help find the best possible
solution or fixes that you may need. For example reconnecting a motherboard
cable Solution: The solution to the problem is to read what
the error message says and check the error code if the computer gives on. It
will also give the solution to fix the machine as well for example if it was
the RAM it could say. Check the RAM is seated properly then restart the




POST problems: if the computer post-test fails it
could be because of one of many reasons it could be that the keyboard, random access memory, disk drives, and other hardware are not working correctly. Some
computers will give out beeping sounds if the ram isn’t seated properly.  Therefore this could cause error messages such
as saying that the hard drive wasn’t detected. Solution: The solution to the problem is that you need
to check that all devices are connected and working making sure that the
components are read by the rest of the hardware correctly.



Viruses: a virus is a small piece of software that
piggybacks off of and other program such as a word document (this could be any
file). The virus will run when you run the document that it is attached to such
as the word document. Solution: The solution to the problem is to make sure
that you have anti-virus software and keep it regularly up to date so that the
device doesn’t get viruses on that will slow the system down a lot.


Theft: is a term used to describe when information is illegally
copied or taken from a business or other individual.


Hackers: (White, Grey, Black):






Data Corruption: