Future Effects Of Exotic Dancing Essay

There are several effects taking a job as an exotic dancer could have on my cousin’s future. I have tried to persuade her to find a more dignified way to earn a living, but she insists there is nothing morally wrong with what she does. She knows I do not agree with her decision to dance for money, but she argues the fact that it is the only way she can make a decent income at this stage in her life. I warn her often that I am only looking out for her better interests in future goals, and if she continues any longer this will come back to haunt her.Already in the present time this job has had an effect on her life and future.

It has had major effects on her relationship with her boyfriend. They have had many battles over a strange man who sends her gifts at the club where she dances. This is a couple that once used to talk about the names of their future children, the color of their home, and the types of vehicles they would drive. Now the two of them cannot be together for more than one hour without arguing.

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The job also calls for long hours that are always late at night. This type of work schedule completely contradicts with her school schedule. Most nights she will not get home until 4:00 am, after dancing for eight to ten consecutive hours. She was once a straight A-student with near perfect attendance, now she barely makes it to classes, and I rarely see her working on schoolwork at home.

If this keeps up she could even flunk out of school, which would be another negative effect on her future.Her life long dream has been to educate toddlers. She wanted to be one of the first influences outside of family to assist children in gaining knowledge to improve their futures. Anticipating that she does eventually graduate college, her degree in Early Childhood Education would be of little use to her once a background check reveals her job held while attending college. With the restrictions and requirements set to become a teacher her credibility will be jeopardized by the job she worked to put herself through school.Although all are serious effects, putting the rest a side, above all, I believe the most serious effect is the matter of life or death. Hate crimes, and crimes of passion are what hold me firm to my resistance against exotic dancing as a job for my cousin.

The majority of men to enter the club seem to be harmless, but you can never be absolutely positive about anyone’s true intentions. I am scared for her life. Especially now more so than ever, because of this creepy old man who sends her such elaborate gifts, and so desperately wants to be in a relationship with her.I am not with her all the time and even if we were inseparable, I would not be much protection to her against this or any other man who grows infatuated with her kindness and beauty. I just wish she could see the horrors this job will lead to as I see them.

The only reason for my pleas is to try to save her life. I have questioned many and made several attempts to save her, but nothing to date has worked. This is one decision she will have to reach on her own, and hopefully before it is too late.