Future Vision Digital Services Essay

Executive summary: Future Vision Digital Services was a technology consulting and design firm responsible for providing a range of services including multi-platform user interface design and marketing, software engineering and technical program management, systems integration, data analysis and customer relationship management. By 2004 the company expanded its operations from Western Canada to open offices in New York, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Singapore and Toronto.

The case describes the fact that the manager Randolph, who works in the Technology Development department of FVDS, has an awkward question to deal with Gregoire, who is the most senior architect in the company. Andre Gregoire is an exceptional developer; he is highly talented and can solve problems relating to any aspects of the project. But he is not a team player, he is not interested in mentoring his team members and he does not delegate his authority and his behavioral patterns are baffling to Randolph.

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Gregoire has a type A behavior pattern as he is competitive, attentive and articulate but he works late as he wants the development work done by himself, due to this he arrives late the next morning. The current project is being managed from Amsterdam where as the technical team is in Toronto and there is a 6 hour time gap. Jacques Revaux is a Vice president of European Operations and is currently located in Amsterdam. He is upset as Gregoire did not respond on time as lately he has been arriving at work well afternoon.

Blake Randolph is the Vice president of Technology development so his prime duty is smooth execution of development projects. One third of the employees report to him and Randolph thought that Andre did not designate work which leads to loss of productivity. Randolph tried to make Andre understand that he need to be on time as the client was important, but this did not work. Randolph has tried to change Gregoire’s behavior several times by talking with him regarding his attitude at work but failed miserably. Now Randolph as to decide the best possible alternative for the problem in hand. He has to decide whether to keep Gregoire in his current position or replace him with another developer who is not Exceptional. Key OB issues: In the past, Gregorie always arrived in office after lunch which cut him off from all communications with the management team. Randolph had spoken to Gregoire about this problem a few times already and Gregoire was very agreeable and promised to change each time, but eventually slipped back into his old habits (internal attribution).

Gregoire On one hand, he is a talented and an exceptional developer who have been described as “super-intelligent, curious and passionate”. On the other hand, he is often introverted and is reluctant to delegate his authority to subordinates (Exceptional Developer’s Personality). Exceptional developers can complete goals more quickly and with higher quality, resulting in savings of time and money, and increased customer satisfaction. They are dependable, organized and hard-working people.

These characteristics may be good for individuals but may not be good for the company or organization (Conscientiousness). Gregoire almost never shows up for a morning meeting, so his team members have no choice but to wait for him when some technological problems occur. Gregoire poorly interact with his teammates which can be described as pooled interdependence. Gregoire’s behavior acts as a hindrance to others in fulfill their obligation. Randolph talked with Gregoire several times about this problem, but Gregoire slipped back into old patterns each time.

It means Randolph has weak legitimate power. As can be seen, Gregoire has strong expert power. However, he has low-level referent power. Those co-workers, who work with Gregoire, find that he is really hard to work with. Randolph has utilized rational persuasion method to influence Gregoire, but the result is ineffective. Alternatives and recommendation • Making Gregoire and his team stay in Amsterdam until the project is completed, but this is a difficult task because it becomes more expensive to the company. Randolph can replace Gregoire on the project with someone who is more dependable. But the problem is gregoire will refuse to share the knowledge and there is a potential problem that he may quit the company permanently. • Randolph can threaten Gregoire to shape up, by taking disciplinary action by using his coercive power. As the manager, Randolph has some power from the company by his position. But Gregoire has more executive support than Randolph. • I think, the best possible alternative is team work. Randolph should enhance Gregoire’s team working capabilities.

Randolph should advice Gregoire to improve his behaviors relating to team management and Gregoire should start delegating his authority to his co-workers and thereby reducing the work load off his back. • Randolph should exert more legitimate power on Gregoire and if Gregoire does not change and goes back to his usual patterns, then Randolph is left with no other option but to change Gregoire from his current position • If Gregoire can changes his team cooperating abilities, then the given fact is that Gregoire is an exceptional developer which means talent so that Randolph should keep Gregoire at his current job.