Most of people who have latent infection never develop disease. The bacteria remain in suchpeople can remain inactive for a life span without causing illness. But in people who have fragileimmune systems, the bacteria become active, multiply, and cause illness.

Same condition canhappen in many other chronic .infectious diseases. We know that immune suppression canhappen due to various reason including stress via change in hormonal balance. Stress can dueto loss of synchronization at physical or mental level.

All body suffering is due to loss ofsynchronization. Mental suffering is due to loss of synchronization. Physiological distress canbe thrown out because medicines can help and health can be regained. On the other hand, Ifthe mind’s synchronization is broken, then one do not have pain, but agony. Psychology helpsby creating fine-tuning which is more sociological than psychological . It is concerned morewith the social order to which one is adjusted We can make him attuned to normal depression.In richness, mental distress becomes intense.

On the other hand, whenever a society is poor,mental distress is not there and people are so much engaged with the body that they cannotpay any attention to the mind. In the West, psychic pain, mental agony is more. When the bodyis okay, then the mind can suffers. But if there is really no suffering one will be poor for it,because suffering gives valuable adaptation. A man who has not been exposed to adverseconditions will be less competent both physically and mentally. Exposure to adverse conditionsgives us better adaptations. Both happiness and suffering are needed, and life exists betweenboth as a very delicate tension, a subtle tension.

Man surviving naturally has least diseases.The physician should make man more close to nature. Nature is always correct. Sometimesman can be wrong, because he has freedom. The physician corrects man. And nature is sopolite that it does not shout, it whispers. Nature voice is very silent and one goes on enduring.When one cannot tolerate beyond a point the disease erupts.

We know that that animals arealmost never ill. Many Illnesses don’t happen in natural environment and happens only inovercrowded and polluted environment. Minds of modern man are becoming obsessed withdesires.

This causes stress which invariably causes susceptibility to various disorders andultimately changed medical epidemiology for diseases including tuberculosis.