Gain and Initial Reflection Essay

Final refelction and PDP 1. Review of initial reflection and PDP Has any significant change been achieved? What issues have you discovered with the initial reflection? What issues have you discovered with your initial plan? What are the key areas of learning from the past semester in terms of your personal development? Self reflection is an important aspect in our society. We follow certain norms and values to be able to live among our peers and self reflection allows us to question whether we are doing what we are supposed to be doing.

I personally believe that every human being self reflects and questions there ability to influence themselves in society. Review of initial reflection and PDP When I started this university course I was determined to complete the course and gain my degree. I’m still on course to do so; however as this first semester is coming to an end I have realised that it is not as easy as it first seemed. My initial reflection was that university would be something that will ensure I get to were I believe I can with hard work and determination.

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And now I have been at the university for 9 weeks this has further been fuelled by what I have experienced so far. Has any significant change been achieved? I would say that significant change has been achieved. Group work is one aspect of the university life that I have found interesting and gained good experience from. I have always enjoyed working as part of a group; on the other hand university group work is so much different to college group work. At university you work with a group for a prolonged period rather than for one day and get the work done quickly.

As this was our first semester the group work allowed us the change to make friends and get used to university life, so I am really pleased with that front. As with anything in life there are pros and cons. Some negative aspects of group work I have also experienced. With university group work teachers tend to mark you as a group rather than individually. This has been hard because with some of the groups I have worked with we have had few individuals who have not put 100% into the work therefore made the grades of the whole group go down.

But for future presentation I have decided that more integration between the group is required in order for everyone to put there all inn. What issues have you discovered with the initial reflection? What I have discovered with the initial reflection was that university was a major step in me achieving my dreams. When I started I thought that because of my past educational gains I would be able to finish tasks to the best of my ability.

However the jump between college and university is quite dramatic, the whole system is different. At college you integrate with your teachers more and this is mostly because you see them on a day to day basis, rather with university it’s the opposite , you sit in a lecture room with 100+ students so you don’t get that one to one tutoring. In tutorial its feels more like it did at college with smaller classes and one to one teaching, so it balances itself out nicely.


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