Gang Culture Essay

Gang Culture            In Douglas E. Thompkins’ “School Violence: Gangs and a Culture of Fear,” the increasing acts of violence by students was shown. This increasing hostility has been very alarming.

This problem was related to gangs and gang activities within the country, thus affecting the nation’s schools, affecting the children going in the schools. According to Thompkins, “Congress has passed several initiatives aimed at reducing levels of school violence (Thompkins, 2000)”. They passed various initiatives aiming to reduce the violence that is happening in the schools today. Life is difficult living in a suburban place, where the cases of gangs are rising. There are increased cases of burglary, theft and other various crimes.As the number of gangs increases, the number of criminal incidences also increases. In order to address this problem, various efforts were made. Increase in security and response teams are only minor concerns.

They aim to spread knowledge about gangs all around the neighborhood, thus encouraging people that these gangs bring negative effects to them. In David Kocieniewski’s “Youth Gangs from West Coast Become Entrenched in New York: Youth Gangs from West are migrating to New York,” the pattern of movement from the various gangs in the west is being shown. It is clear that there is a movement or spread in these gangs influences, and not only did it penetrate neighborhoods in other states, but is now entering the streets of New York (Kocieniewski, 1997). We all know that New York is a picture of urbanization, wherein major business establishments are located.

It is also very influential, affecting other states in the US. As these various gangs penetrated a city such as New York, whatever else could happen to other cities or states? This problem must be addressed in order to avoid other complications, that it could be suppressed so that it will not worsen.References:Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Gangs.

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