Gang Enforcement Initiatives in Los Angeles Essay

Gang Enforcement Initiatives in Los AngelesIt is a matter of fact that nowadays the number of fangs and crimes is increasing and, therefore, Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is constantly working to develop new enforcement initiatives to decrease crime rates and to reveal gangs. In 2007 LAPD is planning to implement newly identified wide-ranging initiatives to reduce the incidence of crime rates in the city. LAPD suggests effective and multi-faceted approach to navigate criminal justice continuum. The Department plans to implement the following programs: launch of the South Bureau Criminal Gang Homicide Group, designation of the Department Gang Coordination, developing the list of “Ten Most Wanted”, revelation of Top Targeted Street Gangs, Patrol Proliferation Strategy, Gang Abatement Legislation, Community Awareness Bulletins, etc. Apparently, the offered program seems to be efficient and able to reduce crime rates in the city.

One more positive moment is that LAPD will bring together the shrewdest and the most experienced gang detectives to ensure the better outcomes. They will concentrate mainly on gang-related murders and attempted murders because it gives an excellent opportunity to reveal gangs and their bosses. Then, Department Gang Coordinator will be responsible for implementing gang reduction strategy and results, and for developing strategies to drive gang initiative agenda.

“Top Ten Wanted List” provides apparent benefits because it gives additional opportunity to arrest and to incarcerate the most dangerous and notorious criminals. This strategy suggests public help because the more people see the list the more chances to capture the criminal.For example, identification of “Top Targeted Street Gangs” allows LAPD to create more informed and confident community. Community Safety Operation Center will be responsible for analyzing real-time crime data and for rapid deploying of the officers in the crime-ridden regions of the city. Patrol Proliferation Strategy in its turn gives an opportunity to significantly increase Department’s ability to ensure protection for law-abiding citizens. Then, Gang Abatement Legislation is of important because it will enhance the ability of law enforcement agencies in the city being responsible for addressing the acts of violence and related conditions.It is necessary to outline that the offered strategies will operate and reduce crime rates in the city. It is a common knowledge that gangs and other criminals are threatening community and, therefore, LAPD has all chances to reduce the threats by means of strategies.

Actually, LAPD stresses that understanding how gangs develop and what they offer to their members is critical in order to create effective intervention and prevention strategies. The main strength of the program is wide-ranging strategies because different gangs have different behavioral codes, values and commitment and, therefore, wide-ranging strategies are crucial in developing effective responses to criminal activity.Perhaps the most threatening aspect of gang proliferation has been the increasing use of firearms. Gang members are shown to possess significantly more guns than other at-risk youth and, therefore, Patrol Proliferation Strategy will efficiently reveal firearms. Nevertheless, it would be better for LAPD to develop more strategies how to prevent young people from being engaged in gang behavior. It is necessary to recommend education about dangers of joining gang and threats they impose on community safety. Also it is possible to develop programs to divert young people from crime by means of alternative strategies as, for example, work-studies, conflict-resolution programs and counseling approach.Nevertheless, LAPD offers efficient enforcement tactics that to identify, isolate, punish and rehabilitate criminal offenders and gangs.

The program aims at providing Neighborhood Clean-Up Campaigns, Beautification Projects, Health and Safety Fairs, etc. LAPD is willing to remain fully committed to reducing crime rates in 200 by offering dynamic and holistic strategies to make community free from criminal activities.