Gangstas, Guns and Shoot’ Em Ups Essay

                                   Gangstas, Guns and Shoot’ Em Ups            Gangsters in movies and rap gangsters influence our society by portraying an image of toughness in order to gain attention from an audience of everyday, normal people.            Gangsters in movies have a rough texture to their personalities and offer the impression that they are so bold that they could take someone’s life without hesitation, which offers younger children in our society the assumption that this type of character may be acceptable and may result in them growing up, imitating gangsters that they view in movies.            Rap gangsters impress many of the African American population with their hip-hop style and also lend the impression that this style of behavior is acceptable in our society and many children view rap gangster’s as idols and may dress, act and perform in the same manner, in order to be accepted in certain communities.            Guns are often a symbol for gangsters who are seen in movies, involved in gun wars, where people are killed or wounded and a numbing affect may result in generations, where this type of behavior seems more acceptable.

            Many new music groups use gangster lyrics and images in their performances to create a show that should be monitored by adults where their children are concerned in order to prevent the young from imitating acts that shouldn’t be taken lightly when guns and words contributing to gang violence are utilized.