Gap Between Cities And Countrysides Essay

Of late,some scholars and economics,at home and abroad,have presented or played up the notion that the great living gap between cities and countries rural areas shoot up very rapidly in China . The following paragraphs are the views of my point, where i will disscuss the causes and my suggstions about the way out of this matter.

The differences between urban and rural areas manifest themselves in the problems of agriculture,the rural economy and peasants. The foudamental causes for those lies in too many people ,most agricultural population on the limited amount of land. In China,only 7 percent of land is arable.

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The use of modern agricultural technique and farm chemicals need little laber and there is no way to bear such a large number of peasants who work on the land. The limited incomes from farming are not able to afford so many people to have a minimum standard of living.

Another fact could not be neglected that China is a developing country . Just like backwards in the Southeast Asia and Latin American ,it faces an unbalance development. There is not abundant fund to support both cities and coutries developing fast at the same period. The goverment subsidy and foreign investment are intensive in the eastern big cities.

Due to shortage of wherewithal ,the progress of rural areas is much slower then that in urban . As a result,low level of education and bad fund-envirment would not likly to be improved,which causes a vicious circle. From what have been discussed above ,in such circumstances,from my angle ,the fundamental sollution of the peasants depends on not becoming peasants again,moving off the land to get jobs in non-agricultural activities . Goverment should expading the low-grade industries for the laber of low-educated people and carry out an advanced fiscal policy for the coutries. Only by so doning is it possible to reduce the difference.