Gaps in the current research literature Essay

The subject of violence against women and their decision to stay in an abusive relationship is an important issue in eradicating the problem. Many studies in the U. S. show a good theoretical view of the problem concerning abused women and subsequent factors in the woman’s decision to stay in the abusive relationship (Long, 1994; Roberts, 1995). Unfortunately research is lacking on the research in the decision for African American women to stay in abusive relationship.

Contribution to the existent body of knowledge This research study will help bridge the gap in the existing body of knowledge by analyzing the development of new programs and policies. Understanding the factors that influence African Americans decision to stay in abusive relationships may assist in the design and application of the intervention adapted to enhance their readiness. Theoretical framework Name of the theory you chose Self-esteem theory is being used for this research

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Who developed the theory Allport and Murray (1996) developed the Self-esteem theory. How the theory describes, explain, and predict the relationship of the variables shown in the conceptual framework The Self-esteem theory correlates very well with domestic violence. Self-esteem, according to Allport and Murray (1996) is the image that the human being has of himself/herself in the relation to the knowledge of the expectation of other and the comparison with his/her own conduct.

This theory was chosen because it predicts, describes, and explains it illustrates the emotional impact that domestic violence has on the self-esteem of the women (Allport and Murray, 1996). Domestic abuse often includes social and physical isolation, intimidation and harassment, false accusations or condemnations, ignoring and ridiculing the necessities, bad names, criticism and constant insults which of all assault the self-esteem of the woman (Corsi, 1999).