Gathering information using the library Essay

Gathering information using the library            The library is a collection of informative materials for an individual to gather facts and figures on any particular subject of interest.  Informative materials may be in the form of books, journals, newspapers, magazines, films and videos.  During this age of computers and its associated technologies, databases have emerged as an additional feature of libraries.

  Databases are also considered as electronic libraries that accumulate pieces of information through the help of a management software that is installed in a computer (Volk, 2007).  In order to search for information of a particular topic, the researcher should be able to identify the general category wherein his topic would fall in.  Such categories include the humanities, liberal arts, science, history and so forth.  There are also specific search engines that are established within a library that helps the researcher in finding a library resource (Foust et al., 2007).  The researcher can provide topics by typing these into the search engine and the library software will provide a list of books and/or articles that are available at that particular library, as well as books and/or articles in other library within the same network.

  It is also possible at this electronic age that library resources be borrowed from another library on an inter-library loan (Lacroix and Collins, 2007).  For specific articles, an internet based library such as PubMed, which was constructed by the National Institutes of Health can be used.  Such search engine provides strings of topics that can be search at the same time.  For example, if the researcher needs to find journal articles on drugs in relation to crime, the researcher can type in “drugs and crime” and PubMed will chronologically list all the hits that fall under these two categories.  The researcher is then able to click on each entry that has been generated by such search.  The use of electronic databases has facilitated the quick search for information researches amongst database libraries.ReferencesFoust JE, Bergen P, Maxeiner GL and Pawlowski PN (2007):  Improving e-book access via a library-developed full-text search tool.

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